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TORQEN Sale - September 2021!


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Hi Guys,


We have a sale currently running on tons of products from NSM body kits, Stoptech brake kits, JWT clutch kits, DEPO headlights, 350z DE TORQEN Helmz pipes, Plenumz and loads more!




If there's anything you guys would like to see in the sale section, please feel free to drop it down below and we'll see if we can work our magic. 

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Sorry for the late response, Nismo stuff we can't do any discounts on unfortunately as margins are pretty tight already and they're mainly imported from Japan. We do actually have the kick plates in stock here, the mirror cover would need to be ordered in but shouldn't take too long. 


If you were to place the EVO-R and Real Japan wheel on the same order, we could look at a discount for you, drop me a PM and we can discuss :)

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2 hours ago, dave_7 said:

how about a set SSR GTX0118×10.5 Offset +22




Hi Dave,

https://www.torqen.uk/wheels/ssr/ssr-gtx01-wheels/66757-ssr-gtx01-wheel-dark-silver-18x105-5x1143-22mm-xa181052205gdk.html in stock at SSR Japan, 4-5 days to get them in UK,  can do 7% discount. 


https://www.torqen.uk/wheels/ssr/ssr-gtx01-wheels/66780-ssr-gtx01-wheel-flat-black-18x105-5x1143-22mm-xa181052205gmb.html - out of stock, probably 4-6 months wait time on them.


PM me or Coz if you'd like the voucher code generated. 


Hope this helps.

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