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Is The Owner on here? *Nismo for sale*


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Because its been written off or crashed possibly non structural damage. Insurance has paid out and the person has sold the car.


Due to the previous crash its never the same value. £5,000 below retail is about right. This ones missing a few bits like the camera apparently.


If youve tried to sell an accident damaged car in the past, its not easy at all. Most people wouldn't want it unless it dirt cheap.


Having owned a CAT C back in the day with Electrics in a hot mess ill never own one again. Im even going to buy am electronic paint tester so I can inspect hpi clear cars to see whats been repaired on the body.:lol:

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The former Category D (Cat D) has been replaced by Category N (Cat N). This refers to cars that haven't suffered structural damage, but some safety-critical components such as steering, brake or suspension components may require replacement. Again, if properly repaired, a Cat N car can be legally returned to the road.


A Cat S or Cat N marker can sometimes be given to cars with relatively minor damage. An older, low-value car might be written off after a light scrape in a car park, simply because the cost of processing the insurance claim exceeds the car’s value.


The amended system is intended to help inform used-car buyers if a car has previously suffered structural damage. This is becoming increasingly important as the complexity of modern cars means they may be written off because of electronic rather than structural damage. 


Take from that what you will, but any category write off is a risk. If you plan on buying it and never selling then it might be worth it, if you're looking to not lose huge amounts in depreciation then I'd avoid it. These are not the type of cars you want a bargain bucket special on

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