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irregular oil pressure?


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hi guys,


new here and to forums in general so apologies if this is incorrect


This morning i had decided to run the car till warm on the drive due to lockdown and noticed the oil pressure gauge spiking more aggressively than before when revving the car and driving


i know it is normal for the pressure to increase with rpm as the oil pump is dependant on the engine rpm


before today it never exceeded 60psi only when in 6th but now the needle easily exceeds when rolling from still at around 2k rpm or idly revving


some key points to note are the car is filled with oil with no oil leaks visible or on the ground, it also doesn't burn oil as i were pointed out before purchasing a 350z that they will consume oil


could it be a faulty oil pressure sensor? or is this just the norm?


thanks for any advise in advance


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21 minutes ago, Tauvp said:

Looks normal. Start worrying when there is now pressure. 

From what i have seen online it appears to be normal, it was the sudden change of action by the gauge whether it wasn't reading correctly before 


thank you for taking your time to comment the help is appreciated

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