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Scumbags robbed my Zed......

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........of it's number plates

Stolen plates


Tucked her away in the garage while I await new plates.

Robbed the front and rear plates a couple of hours ago.

Neighbour came to tell me he saw lads messing with the car while it was parked on the road. 

Thankfully no other damages.

Somehow I doubt it's to clone  another 05 sunset orange zed, but you never know.

Got a crime reference number as I'm expecting them to be used to set off speed cameras, steal petrol or worse.

Anyway, told friends if they see my zed driving around with unloved paint, dirty rims and tailpipes....... IT'LL BE THE CLONE NOT MINE :lol:




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This is just a cunning ruse not to wash your Z until it warms up again, isn't it? I'm onto your wily subterfuge! :lol:



Hopefully it was just kids messing about rather than anything that causes you too much grief in future.

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Sorry to hear that. Replace them with the anti theft fixings you can purchase from Halfrauds.

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