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Calling all North West members!!!....

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We've started a whatsapp group for northwest members to share car pics, stories, organise local little meets or drives and just general car talk between northwest car enthusiasts.


It makes it easier and quicker to organise last minute drives, meets and routes. I.e you can ask on a saturday morning if people wana join you on a drive out and within minutes you could get a couple of buddies to tag along with you.


It also makes it easier for when I organise my big meet and drives out 3 or 4 times a year as some members don't check the forum regularly so miss out on opportunitys etc. I'll still post the drives on the forum but it is easier to communicate on whatsapp.


At the minute there is about 9 members from Leeds to Blackpool, lancaster to Cheshire, this group page is for members of this Z forum and the bmw M forum (I now own an M3, sorry guys lol) so it will be a good mix of cars and people.


If any of you want to join in pm me your number and I'll add you in.




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Hi shortpaul , ill take ur word for facelift parts .... my first nissan and started with a z hehe , it was cheap and does need some tlc ie front bumper is damaged also passenger wing got some battle scars , had a look underneath and it has rust on the member stays and w brace etc so the plan is to replace the horrible bits and make it look respectable 

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Hi and welcome to the North West group, we are s small, but dedicated group. Please regularly check this meets page for details of our future meets and runs out. Covid permitting!

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