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  1. Bit of a cheeky ask ..... but if you dont ask you dont know ; ) ...... is there any discount codes for torqen or tarmac sports being a member of this group ?
  2. Yeah ill give him a shout as he is sending me some backplates
  3. Evening all , does anyone know if you can get parts for the seat runners Drivers electric seat only moved on one side , got it removed (ballache) and stripped it down found plastic gear stripped on the runner
  4. Meet up and a drive out with a buddy before they are taken off the road for winter
  5. Hi all my 350z has standard suspension fitted that looks original and having done 130,000 miles thinking it would definitely benifit form some new kit , im not really bothered about changing the ride height so coilovers pointless ?? Anyone any suggestions
  6. Evening all wondering the best place to get rear disc backplates ? Are these a genuine part only ? Mine have not survived the rear wheel bearing removal
  7. Well job number 1 and 2 complete on the z ....rear discs and wheel bearing , i wonder what the number of jobs will get too
  8. Hi Adrian , thankyou for the link Obviously this panel bolts to the member stays (kidney braces) but how does it attach to the body ? Weld in or bolt in ? Ill be after some member stays and w brace also soon
  9. Ahh right ok thats great thanks for the info , ill message him ty
  10. Hi shortpaul , ill take ur word for facelift parts .... my first nissan and started with a z hehe , it was cheap and does need some tlc ie front bumper is damaged also passenger wing got some battle scars , had a look underneath and it has rust on the member stays and w brace etc so the plan is to replace the horrible bits and make it look respectable
  11. Hiya all , im in cumbria and new to the 350z , recently bought a 2006 model needs a bit of tlc but bought as a project so let the fun begin lol
  12. Yeah found this thread after id posted thankyou





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