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Which wax for an azure....

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So ive used almost every brand, but havent bought any new wax for a few years, last was auto finesse which was good but pretty hard to buff off.

I have plenty of sealents so looking more for a decent wax to make the azure pop!

Im not on a budget as such but dont want to pay "scene" tax.

Options ive looked at so far are the bilt hamber double speed (Often comes highly awarded when googled) at a very good price.

Or something from the Soft99 range (gloss king/fusso) which i was under the impression these are more of a sealent than a show shine giving wax?

I know Autofinesse desire is very good but is that much better than others considering the cost ?


Awaiting reply from the Gloss god..... @ilogikal1

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Ask and he shall appear :D


It depends on what you’re after but if you want flake pop for a good price I’d always go for Natty’s Blue or Red (possibly black but I haven’t actually tried that yet despite owning a pot for about a year now!).


AF Desire was good (very good actually) but not convinced that it’s worth 8 times the price of the Poorboys.

AF Illusion is actually better in terms of looks, but doesn’t have the durability of Desire (or Poorboys which sits between the two).

But then if durability isn’t an issue at all, Obsession Wax Phaenna is pretty special. It does tend to completely fall off after a couple of weeks (tops) though.


Which AF wax have you had trouble with? They’re all pretty good but if you’re having trouble buffing you’re likely using too much - try applying with a damp (not wet) applicator and keep spreading forever. Really you shouldn’t ever need more than 2 swipes per panel (maybe 3 for the whole bonnet) at any time.


Soft99 are good hybrids, akin to FK1000P, so they’re good for gloss but dull the flake pop. They tend to be quite durable and also full of fillers too.


BH Double Speed again is very good but is also a hybrid so lacks the depth and richness of a traditional carnauba wax.


So in summary;

Short lifespan; Phaena

Medium lifespan but cheap; Natty’s blue/red

Medium lifespan but treat yourself; Illusion

Long lifespan and someone else is paying; Desire.


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I think it was soul or temptation, was defo one of the cheaper AF waxes in the range.

I used there wax applicator (waxmate) but didnt dampen it.

I found i was having to only do half a panel at a time to allow it to be buffed off with any sort of ease, it was applied very sparyingly because of this. (Was done on a cool cloudy day as well).


Almost a bargain on amazon :lol: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Auto-Finesse-Desire-car-wax/dp/B007FR4PQQ

Im thinking maybe the illusion or desire.... do they work well when applying a sealent over the top?

My Z doesnt see much harsh weather, only driven on dry days and put away for the winter.


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From my experience depth and gloss come from a polish or glaze, then a wax or sealant locks this in under the guise LSP.


Id recommend Auto Finesse Triple with AutoGlym Ultra HD wax






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If you want gloss, ditch the wax altogether; polish the car within an inch of it's life and go for a coating. You simply won't get any more gloss from anything else on the market today.


If you want a deep, warm and/or wet finish then stick with wax. Proper prep work (not just polishing, but ALL the prep work) will improve the finish and you'll get more from some stages than others - FWIW, polishing > glazes.

To be honest, I wouldn't bother with a sealant AND a wax, but if you do then lay the sealant down first and top with wax - don't waste anything more than a cheap wax though; by using both you will lose the best aesthetic aspects of either and the wax topper will be very much a sacrificial layer.

Sealant topped with wax = the wax won't bond to a sealant (or a glaze for that matter) as well as bare paint.

Wax topped with sealant = sealant stripping the underlying wax anyway.


The exception to this rule is hybrid's topped with wax - they tend to bond better (like using a glaze first) but you still lose the best aesthethetics from both.

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4 minutes ago, ilogikal1 said:

Wax topped with sealant = sealant stripping the underlying wax anyway.

Yeh thats i wondered...Stick to just wax.


Since owning the Z (4 years nearly) Ive only done 1 extensive polish/decon.....since then a safe washing routine and topping up with spray wax now and again has kept it looking tip top (No winter/bad weather driving helps).

Its now time for a full decon and polish, sidenote im going to give the new carbon collective clay applicator dooda a go this time.

So for me its worth the money for a decent long lasting premium wax.


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