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A80 Supra Twin Turbo Values

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What do you guys think? Ive seen them listed at £15,000. My brother saw one at £12995 and I saw one at £35,000. Obviously right now there is a lot of hype due to the new one. Do you think a non modified stock Twin Turbo Supra will go up by a lot once the new one has been out for a few years ? Nostalgia effect maybe. I know some people think they are vastly overrated and can never be compared to cars like the R34 which is now as you know worth around £55,000+ 

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Yes, standard 6 speed TT MKIV's will go to the moon IMO, not only are they a genuine legend the USA can import then now - the R34 prices were affected too.
S2K's, FD RX7's and Evos will too IMO. 

If you consider a gearbox is £4K+ on its own now .......... weird thing is I didnt ever think that much of them when I had 200SX's as they were pretty heavy old barges. 


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