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Android retrofit for premium connect.

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(Feeler thread).


Hi all, like others, I absolutely hate the rather clunky and outdated Nissan maps and interface on my 370z, it really let's the zed down in my opinion.


So I've been looking for a way to get android integrated without having to use my phone. More and more car manufacturers are now adapting android, including Googles own push into the market, so I thought I'd try and retrofit it into mine.


I've been looking for a solution for a while now, with not much luck.  I tried android auto on my phone - it's ok but it's limited and Google are going to kill it soon! 


Upgrading to an android head unit is not really an option due to the premium connect setup I have, with the screen being integrated as it is etc. Also decent android headunits are pretty expensive for what they are and do.


 So it wasn't looking good....

...Until I got my hands on this android unit direct from China!


Android 6.0 (soon to be 8.0), T3 1.2ghz Quad-Core processor, 2gb RAM, 16gb ROM, with support for mirrorlink (for phones), micro SD, USB ports, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. 


It's essentially an android box with a plug and play harness for the 370z.


The good points:
It's easy to install, integrates well with existing Nissan system. All plug and play and hidden away behind the centre console, keeping the OEM look. I had the centre console stripped, the kit fitted and everything put back together again in just over an hour or so.


It displays any android app on the premium connect touchscreen - I've got Google Maps, Waze, Play store, Music, Voice Search, Samsung browser and Torque installed on mine. It also accepts audio/video playback via sdcard and usb. As well as the ability to set a password or code to lock it all down.


It's a dual boot system. You can switch between the premium connect and Android systems easily by cycling through the aux button or holding down on a back button for 2 secs.


Steering wheel controls still work. Up & down cycles through music, and vol controls change the volume.


Info button is the home button on android.


Day/night display dimming button works as normal.


Reversing camera works as normal.


Not so good points:
The stock launcher is a bit basic for my liking, so I've installed a 3rd party car dash app and set it to be the default home launcher, and I think you might agree it looks much better!


Audio out is currently only via a 3.5mm cable, plugged into a usb converter and then plugged into the usb port. Not the tidiest setup. But there are  loads of phono/RCA cables in the kit too for AV in and out, so maybe I could run those to the Bose box in the boot?  TBC.


So, what do you guys think? If anyone is interested, do let me know. I am in regular contact with the supplier and will get some orders shipped in asap (a deposit will be required).


Until then, I'll continue to play and see how far I can take this thing. Will try to keep this thread updated with my findings. But I'm pretty impressed so far!


Price: £375 delivered. £400 installed (evenings only - DM for details).










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where are you based? Interested in the android unit with full install. 



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can You still get the kits or do you know where to buy. 

I could fit it myself, the other question was can I get Apple CarPlay working. 

Do I need to buy any extra equipment or will it have everything that is required. 


Thanks in advance. 



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Hi buddy, yes I can still get these. £375 delivered. 


Apple Carplay works via mirrorlink/usb. No further equipment is required. 



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what’s the lead time


can you private message or email

To discuss further please. 


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