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  1. Just wish I could drive it more now! For anyone thinking of having the install, STZ is a most gracious host and an all round awesome guy Thanks again buddy
  2. Same here, unless a muppet can install it, in which case I may have a go
  3. Ahh, just the kind of thing I was looking for to keep the factory look and add more features! Nicely done! I'll be interested in a few months most likely, need to recover from the Christmas spend first
  4. Uploaded the video to YouTube in the hope of making viewing easier (tried embedding it but seems to be an epic fail day today ). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMEFjV-6kx8
  5. Thanks Andy, looks like you're just down the road from me
  6. Yeah it was easier to put a plinth across the top, since I never used the boot anyway
  7. Hi guys, Hoping I got the right area for this. Got my 370 yesterday and have been loving every minute of driving her. Just come back from a long drive though and I'm a little worried. Was just about to lock up and noticed a light amount of smoke/vapour coming from the top of the bonnet. Opened it up and it seems to be coming from the back of the engine. Definitely has a mechanically smell (can you tell I'm not a mechanic? ), but everything seemed normal when I was driving her. Here's a short video I was able to capture: https://mega.nz/#!VQ...V-J-IyRM07pSm0Q I'm not sure whether this could just be engine bay dressing burning off, oil dripping onto something hot, or something else. Only other thing I've noticed (unrelated) is a clunk sound when I'm slowing to a stop, sounds like it's coming from the rear. Not sure if this is just a characteristic of the auto box. Other than that she's fantastic Anyway, fingers crossed it's nothing major! Any light you guys can shed on this would be gratefully received Thanks all!
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys I'll get some shots for you These are the only surviving shots. Before you comment, I didn't modify it (apart from the audio), and I was 22 Looking back now, so many things I'd change...starting with that wing!
  9. Hi all, I’m Gray, Bacon to most online communities Having owned an NA SWB 300zx back in my twenties which I loved, I’ve been wanting another zed for soooo long! Yesterday I finally got one, a 370z Black Edition 40th Anniversary Only had a chance to take the one pic so far as I’ve been too busy driving her! Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all and hopefully I won’t annoy you all too much with questions Gray





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