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Nice to meet you all from Essex

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Hi all and nice to meet you.

I'm very happy to say I'm now an owner of a 2006 350z roadster. I have the car for about a month and a half and I can confirm that I'm loving every minute so far.


A little bit about the car.

It's a 100% stock roadster in Azure blue with 56k miles (bought it with 54k) and has all the usual extras. Leather heated seats, cruise control etc. It is extremely well maintained for the age as it was one owner from new and been used as a weekend car with all the services and maintenance in Nissan dealership. I'm due to good service though because although the car only done about 3k from last P3 service that was nearly 2 years ago from previous owner. So for peace of mind I want to change almost everything including sparkplugs and all the fluids. Most probably will go to Kaizer in Kent as I've seen a lot of praise for him.

I don't have any specific plans about the car. I am going to use it as a daily although we have a bigger car to use as well but me and my missus need both a car for commute to and from work. For sure in the near future I want to replace the stock wheels and suspension and that's about it for now. Maybe a little boot spoiler if I can find one that fits the roadster (I think the coupe one is slightly different) I would like a proper LSD as well but for now is not a priority. Hopefully changing the diff oil will give it back some life.


A little bit about me.

Im 34 years old originally from Greece but live in Essex with my fiancee for nearly 6 years now. I'm not exactly new to the rwd Nissan community as I used to own a 200sx s13 when I was living in Greece. As the times was pretty tough down there and after I decided to move I had to sell my beloved S13 and always said that one day I'm going to buy one here. Although the drift trend that's going on means that prices for beaten up old jdms are extremely high and the fact that I am quite a bit older than I was I decided to stay faithful on the Nissan but go for the more mature 350z lol. I love cars since I can remember and I love driving in general, my job can confirm that (lorry driver) I like drifting as I used to do it semi professional in Greece with my S13 but I like track days and grip as well. All in all I love everything about Motorsport and fast fun to drive cars. 


Sorry if my post too long but I thought I'll give you all a summary of me and my new 350z.


Hopefully I see you most at some point in future meets and speak to you through here. Also sorry if my English is not 100% I do try to improve every day lolIMAG1048.jpg.c3418cd3d5d9ed43a4d340c504f3132b.jpg






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Welcome to the forum! 


Yes, Sly @ KaizerMotors is the place to go for anything Nissan down that area, 3 Nissan Master Techs, dealing with a lot of GTRs, 370z, 350z etc. They're really good and knowledgeable guys. 

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Yeah definitely will be visiting them pretty soon. As soon as is all serviced and refreshed I want to try a track day somewhere like Brands hatch. 


Can't wait :drive1

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Thanks for the welcome messages everyone. 

5 hours ago, The Big Miester said:

:welcome: along 

Almost Identical to mine in Azure Blue

Best colour in my opion..!! Enjoy :thumbs:

I do agree that colour when is clean looks stunning. :thumbs:

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Welcome along, fellow roadster owner!!

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