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Recommendations for new front tyres (245/40/19)

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Evening all,


I'm looking to purchase 2x new front tyres (245/40/19) and just wondered on experience what you all recommend?.

(Rears are 285/35/19 - Pirelli P-Zero's)


The Nismo is a weekend toy so all I want is something that provides reassurance and sticks like glue when called upon.

They don't have to be super durable and last for ages as they will be used sparingly.

Wet conditions doesn't need to be a factor also.


After a dig around on here it seems the MPS4's seem very popular.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3's, Sport Maxx RT 2, Sport Contact 6's?...


Thanks in advance :thumbs:

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Match the current rears.


However, if you really want the best and wet weather/wear isn't relevant, then go for the MPSC2. No finer sports tyre exists. Any of the others are garbage in comparison. You'll have to drop to a 35 profile though, so adjust the rear sizes to match or swap to a 255/35/10 on the front instead. And then do the rears as well, don't just run these on the front with regular tyres on the back!

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8 minutes ago, Killick.z said:

and I joined the forum for the helpful and accurate advise... :lol:

Well, you will get that from me:  :lol:

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