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Water softners??

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I have done a search and gone back a few pages but cant find much on water softners?

Basically im looking what ones are good to look at without spending a fortune ?

My area has very hard water, to the point where if you leave any water on the car it leaves solid white spots that almost need polishing off....which is a pain when after drying the car it continues to run out from around the rear screen and under the spoiler down the bumper for about an hour...

Are the cheaper inline ones that connect onto the outside hose any good?

or is it better to spend more and have a proper one installed into the water system ?

Any advice gladly recieved :thumbs:

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Spend more for the outlay and get refillable DI resin tank. A) it'll last (much!) longer in the first place, and 2) it'll be much cheaper to refill with new resin than it will be to replace an inline one. I've also just noticed that the Aqua Gleam in-line version has increased in price, so it's actually not that much cheaper anymore anyway!


There's a review of both in my thread somewhere (search DI filter, Aqua Gleam or Daqua rather than water softener though), but in short; 11 litre tank from Daqua will last a lot longer than the in-line jobbies and replacement MB-400/MB-114 resin is readily available from various sources (including, but not limited to Daqua) - https://www.daqua.co.uk/divessels.htm



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Speak to Humpy on here, he sells water softeners if you want to go down the domestic route and he couldnt be a more helpful chap :) I cant think i would spend money on one just to wash the car, might as well get some other benefits into the bargain!

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Domestic use water softeners and DI filters do different things (well, the same thing but to a different degree); as I understand it (happy to be corrected by someone who knows better, of course!) softeners reduce the level of, but leave some, minerals in the water which is good for human consumption (as pure de-ionised water doesn't taste nice at all) whereas a DI filter removes all minerals to 0ppm, leaving pure de-ionised water which is good for washing stuff like cars.


I could be completely wrong of course. :lol:

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35 minutes ago, ilogikal1 said:

I could be completely wrong of course

No your bang on correct, we make and process demin water at work and yes demin water is perfect for rinsing a car as it wont leave any marks, soft water still will leave marks just to less of a degree.

But no drinking demin isnt good and a softner needs to be set up to the water ppm you have in your area.

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