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Front Bumper Advice


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Sorry if this is the the wrong section!


Got some damage the bottom left on a Silver 350z, in fact it's missing part of the bumper so the wheel arch is exposed.


Had it in the garage and all is mechanically sound thankfully.


However I'm really strugglingto find an OEM front bumper in the right colour.


If I bought an after market and did a headlight washer delete would it fail MOT?


Has anyone been in this situation?


Any advice would be great full :)

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Thanks for the replies chaps, ended up getting a 2nd hand face lift bumper which is currently being primed/sprayed up.

Looking like it'll be a straight fit but might need a couple new arch liners to go along for fitment purposes.

Hoping my headlight washers will fit on the new bumper but i'll find out shortly :lol:


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