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some recommendations on some bits for s/c

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So after 14 months out and learning to walk again after snapping my Achilles tendon clean in half, I am now back and ready to bring my zed back out for the summer.

Done a bit of research but still a bit baffled:


Silicone hoses for inter cooler piping have seen better days and are quite short and not much room for maneuver, they are fine but I would rather replace the lot but is there a replacement vortech hose kit? or am i going to have to buy a length and cut up to make my own? if so what hoses should I go for (obviously dont want to cheap out and have them split or bulge or explode)


By pass valve - Mine is really quiet but has vortech filter over it will removing filter make much more noise? obviously im after whooshes lol mine does do it but ive heard some that are savage. Im confused with bypass valve as everything else is blow off valve, most common one i see is Tial (bloody expensive) but have no idea which model it is, are there any alternatives anyone has run in past or at the moment that works with Vortech? and will it effect performance over my current vortech bpv


Also any good recommendations for places that will machine AN fittings onto cut a set length of braided hose.


Ive been a bit off the scene so hard getting back into all the research bits but must say really excited to have the zed back (my mates been looking after it in his garage all this time) contemplated chucking it in recently for either a V10 M6 or Audi R8 but thought better of it for now and decided to keep the beast


Any info or advice on above would be great 



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I did mine, just bought a length of silicon pipe and cut new bits as needed, The number of ply makes it stronger - plenty of high rated sellers on eBay for stuff like that - IIRC you need one size change hose again available off the shelf.


By Pass valve (this is my understanding so verify for yourself) refers to the valve on a Turbo that decides how much of the zorst gas goes into the turbo anything above a certain pressure "bypasses" the turbo and straight into the zorst (or atmosphere)  via said valve, also called an actuator, The BOV or blow off valve is on the inlet side on FI engines, it's job is to get rid of all that extra pressure when you don't need it so WOT to off throttle it "dumps" to atmosphere it also controls the maximum pressure on the inlet side.


I use Tial on my turbo setup on the track toy, yes expensive but they are good quality (all the quality ones are expensive) you can use any valve you like the important things are fitment and spring pressure it needs to release at the correct pressure so you don't over/under boost - if you change the valve you should really get the mapping checked. Can't help with what the standard one specification or spring pressure - sorry.


Yes taking the filter off the valve does make them a bit louder :)


Make you own hoses they do a push fit system now



I stopped using braided but you can make your own braided pipes up as well - its a fiddle with braided without the tool kit but can be done do a quick youtube search loads of demo vids :thumbs:


You can buy all the parts individually or they do kits -





Hope that helps :thumbs:




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Thanks Uncle Keyser and Scorps always got the knowledge.

Il take my filter off bpv for now and see how much more noise I get, spring rates are already giving me a headache but will find out what i have then go from there but looking like a Tial swap over at some point.

Thanks for link to MLR they are literally down the road from me so will just go and see them, im pretty sire i know the guy anyway.

As for Ash hoses some extensive measuring is order then lol but really not happy with how little hose covers ends of connecting pipes theres barely room for the clip.

Thanks guys 

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