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REO 2018

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Good morning 


As I am sure you are all aware, the events that get organised through the forum are one of the many advantages to being on here. We have a number of members putting in the time to organise meet ups and events over the last couple of years, some of whom will be moving on from that role so thank you to:


@AmyZed @buster @370Ad and @Ian for your efforts


So we do have some openings and I am looking for people who are willing to step into their boots and help organise meets/events in the following two regions:


- East Anglia

- Wales


If you are in the area, and are keen to take up a more active role in organising meets then please PM me. You will of course be supported by the forum and of course we supply liability insurance for any meets you organise on here.


If you are living in another region and would like to lend support, we do have support positions available for other regions, especially if you are in Scotland or the south of England. Again if you are interested in supporting any of the current REOs please PM me and we can take it from there.


Cheers and happy zedding in 2018



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To clarify this is what it looks like at the moment as I understand it. But agree its not immediately clear.


East Anglia None  
East/West Midlands Mopedmark Davey83
London/South East Payco  
North East Rickdon  
North West Spatt  
Northern Ireland KyleR  
Scotland Irn Bru  
South Central Keyser  
South West Choptop  
Wales None  


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Thanks for those who have put their hands up so far - a gentle bump for those that might want to put some time towards helping to organise meets/events

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I don't mind being a backup / joint north west organiser if everyone is happy with that... I enjoyed organising the last one also my 1st one 


I don't want Spatt thinking I'm trying to take over though lol

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Hi guys,I going to need to step down from the south central role due to my forthcoming move to Derby.

i intend to still remain active if I can in this area but need to sort my new life up there first.

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