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MOT Pass!!!


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Car passed it's MOT on Wednesday with one small advisory ( front pads wearing thin ).

Considering my situation in the last 9 months I'm pretty relieved. 

I've hardly had any time ( and money ) to treat my Z. 

Anyhow, I need some advice...

im putting new rear shocks on soon and would like to know what ones to get. 

I dont track the car but like to drive her "enthusiastically" 

My budget is up to £150 so obviously they won't be the top dogs. 

Also need mid priced front brake pads (non brembos) if anyone could advise me I'd be grateful. 

Heres a picture of my car just for the hell of it. 

Maybe admin could hide my plate I don't know how to. 




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If you don't want your plate on show, don't upload a picture of it when there's no need to FFS! Honestly, I really wonder how some people manage to get dressed in the morning. 


Anyways, as for your questions I would never mix makes of shocks front to rear, so either do all of them or match the OEM on the front. With your budget it'll definitely be the latter, although you may have to take a punt on used shocks as I doubt you'll get a new pair of rears for just £150. You'd be better served by putting new ones on by far, and something like the BC Racing or Torqen sets would get my money everyday over OEM. 


In in terms of pads, I'm not really sure what fitments are out there for non-Brembo, sorry. 

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