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  1. Could admin remove please. Thank you.
  2. Just been diagnosed with suspected epilepsy and have to give driving up for at least a year. Heartbroken, as it means the car has to go. It was my only hobby in life as well. Theres no no point in dwelling on it I suppose, maybe next year I’ll get the Skyline I want or another Z. Thats if the insurance is manageable. If anyone’s looking for a very nice 06 Roadster gimme a message. It’s got 67k JDM ( not sure what model ) Auto Silver New Mohair roof (2yo) GT4 alloys headlights are passive demon eyes with sequential indicators. Body/Paintwork. 8/10. Car is is in excellent condition. Drivers seat (1 panel ) needs recovered as frayed. Service history and receipts for roof etc. Im asking for £5k for a quick sale. Any more details just ask. having trouble uploading pictures.
  3. How do I get it the right size? it says the file's too big. Help. lol.
  4. Thanks, it's maybe a blessing in disguise. Hopefully it is what I think it is. It's funny how much you take things like driving for granted, I really need my license. It"s my bread and butter. Anyhow, it'll be fine.
  5. Took a couple of dizzy spells last week and ended up in hospital. Ive been told not to drive till they get to the bottom of it all. I think I'llbe needing a car cover if anyone can help. Let's just say I'm not very happy at the moment, I drive trucks for a living so my job's on hold too. It's been a tough 18 months. I'll get there...
  6. Needing new pads on the front but I’m having trouble trying to get the correct ones. Can anyone give me a part number? its an 06 JDM Roadster.
  7. Need one of these for my 06 roadster. Maybe Zmanalex can help me? cheers.
  8. I'll bump this in the hope someone knows.
  9. I'm needing a pair. what can you recommend on a £150 budget? cheers Robert
  10. donated. Its under my username from another forum for some reason? Quinnybhoy-Celticminded.
  11. Car passed it's MOT on Wednesday with one small advisory ( front pads wearing thin ). Considering my situation in the last 9 months I'm pretty relieved. I've hardly had any time ( and money ) to treat my Z. Anyhow, I need some advice... im putting new rear shocks on soon and would like to know what ones to get. I dont track the car but like to drive her "enthusiastically" My budget is up to £150 so obviously they won't be the top dogs. Also need mid priced front brake pads (non brembos) if anyone could advise me I'd be grateful. Heres a picture of my car just for the hell of it. Maybe admin could hide my plate I don't know how to.
  12. The Star Trek answer wins this one lads. Still ni help all the same. Any traders out there can help?
  13. Posted this in the technical section but never got a reply, so I'll try on here....... My LCD is starting to show only part of the number, but if you press on the glass of the speedo it fully appears. Anyone had this...
  14. My LCD is starting to show only part of the number, but if you press on the glass of the speedo it fully appears. Anyone had this problem and is it a cheap fix?
  15. Had the passive Demon eyes fitted with sequential indicators. LED driving lights too! Headlightretrofit.com
  16. Think I'll attempt this soon. Thanks for the help. I'll post the results ( before/ after ) Thanks again Robert
  17. Thanks for the replies. I think they may be going on the inside as well.
  18. Got the demon eyes and sequential indicators done last year but my lenses are terribly faded. I'm not paying out for new lenses but wouldn't mind paying someone to sort the originals. The guy that done the demon eyes says he can't fix it but I think he was just being lazy. I wasn't happy at all with the service from him. Can anyone offer a cheap solution? I've tried toothpaste a few times but it's not that great. Can't afford new ones so any tips are appreciated. Thanks. Robert.
  19. I'm just over a year as well and I still can't takes my eyes off it. (06 Roadster) Mines also means something very important to me but that's a long story. Happy days!
  20. Managed to get it out and it turns out the Antenna was plugged in. The problem must be at the actual Ariel. Do you access this from the boot?
  21. Thanks for the links lads.
  22. My satnav is different. It's an 06 JDM.
  23. I think my ariel cable has come out at the back of the HU. Thing is, i don't know how to get into the back of it. I didn't want to go poking around with a screwdriver as I'd likely break something. It's a Pioneer DVD unit, can anyone help?
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