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Zippypooz appreciation thread


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To add, he did the roof on my Celica, with the added bonus of working around a sunroof and a roof which doesn't have a clean tidy edge to it like the Zed. Fantastic job and it is certainly withstanding the test of time, no lifting, bubbling or anything through both hot sun and that cold winter we just had :thumbs:



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Got my front bumper wrapped with Steve after getting my car fully resprayed. Really wasn’t sure about it at first as I thought it would dull the shine of the fresh paint but it still looks amazing!! Can barely notice the joins, don’t know why more people haven’t had this done. well worth it and overly chuffed with the outcome. Goodbye stone chips!

Fully recommended!!! Thank you Zippypooz for your hard work. 


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Steve finished the wrap on my Nismo today in 3M Deep Space. His attention to detail is a incredible and its  clear he is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend him. Great job by a great guy. Thanks,


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