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Hope to be owning one soon

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Loud, it's basically got straight pipes lol 

But seriously its a nice a place to sit and just how effortlessly it wants to go. 


Oh and the noise of that V6 is to die for! 



Corrected as I can't spell...

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I can't spell...
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Yeah. It's actually pretty quiet on the motorway though. 

It's been pretty well looked after too. 

Just a few niggles which I think should be easy to sort. Looks like it needs a new ballast on the passenger side and the horn needs looking at. 

That's it though. 


I'll recommend Asif at the dealer though. Great guy. 

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Well done Dave. 

As anyone will tell you, there is no cure for Zeditus but buying a car with lots already done means it will be much easier to live with for you and the family. 

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Oh and on the point of it being loud. I don't need the car every day.

It is my only car but I get to work via the train which only a 5 min walk away.  So loud is fun :yahoo:

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Here's some more of the pics from the ad. 

Not much planned, the exterior is sorted. 

Will be adding my parrot asteroid smart in ASAP. 

In the future probably some audio work but nothing major. 


Need to look at a heat shield for the air filter. Find a mod on a US forum using a bucket... 

Sounds made but came out really well! 






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