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DE or HR ???


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I've had my 350z since August and just fact finding to see what info I can find out

My car is a 2008 in ( K51) twilight grey - thanks to the colour post on the club

When reading some posts I've stumbled across people talking about DE or HR

Would I be right in thinking my car is a HR?

and why is it a HR - engine type ?


Many thanks


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Hi flex

yes it probably does have a secret switch - i just havent found it yet :D


Hi Shezza - thanks for the info - yes the wheels are nice but you know that feeling when you just catch the kirb and are so disappointed in yourself - ive had it once already

but i will look after the car - it is a credit to its previous owner - i will let you know how good after its MOT on friday - there is always something that comes back to bite me on the bum LOL




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