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The Beetch project

GT4 Zed

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Hi mate. Please PM me. Not too much left. Folk have been contacting us direct for parts so there's been no need for a list yet. Some parts are being refurbished and its took longer than antisipated due to both Bennet and myself having alot on.


I'm collecting the car at the end of next week to start the rebuilt and respray process. So hopefully in a few months there will be a freshly painted 50,000 mile zed in mint condition for sale.


The supercharger is currently in the states being rebuilt due to finding some metal in the supercharger oil. We both would rather sell a quality product but again this takes a while and there no touching the Americans lol. I'm sure Bennet has a deposit on the charger but I could be wrong.


From memory still for sale is the


K-sport front and rear brake kit that will be painted to suit customer

Nitrous kit

Shine Amuse Front bumper ( slight damage but repairable and good fit)

Nismo side skirts bonded to Oem so good fit

Espirit rear balance bonded to oem bumper so fit is good

Pioneer head unit ( can't remember the model )

Rising sun headliner


There will be more bits. I'll chase Bennet for the complete list as he's been selling bits along the way




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