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  1. Hi All, Can anybody recommend a product to restore the black, well were once, window trims on the doors? Mine have gone a nasty grey colour. Have any of you bought replacements as my passenger side one has broken above the door handle? I was wondering how much they might be? Many thanks Mark
  2. Can anybody identify my wheels???

    hi mate, where did you get the spoiler and side skirt add ons from? GLWTS Regards Mark
  3. Carbon fibre front corner splitters

    Hi, Would these fit an OEM 2015 bumper? Regards Mark
  4. Hi Alex,


    What's the address of your Web site. I'm looking for several bits.


    Rear after market light etc


    Many thank




      You have PM Mark. :thumbs:

  5. The Beetch project

    Hi guys, What make were the rear lights. Many thanks Mark
  6. Hi mate, Are the gear knobs still available? Regards Mark
  7. Does anybody know who has MY05 ZED? I'd love it for my GT4
  8. Hi 3rd Would you consider a sale without the rubber as I have a brand new set of MPSS on the 350zGT4?
  9. [SOLD]OEM Rays, Cheap! (My wheels) £225

    If you can get a quote for a currier to Bracknell i'll take them. Only have my Z so they wont fit in there lol
  10. Aftermarket Parts Clearout

    If the interior kit is for a Right Hand Drive Car I'll take it and maybe pay you a bit more I'll PM you
  11. GT4 Alloy Re-furb

    Cant use the colour chips cus they have already been painted......badly! I was thinking of getting them pouder coated in a Gun Metal (carbon) if I can't find the original paint match What do you guys think?
  12. Carbon Fibre Interior Overlays

    Does anybody know anywhere arounf the Reading area that does this??
  13. Sounds like a fight brewing lol Its only 90 new
  14. Plenum spacers.....

    Would something like a K&N version 2 induction kit help on the uprev or would i be better sticking to the modified air box and upgrading the filter inside? Would I be better leaving the engine alone, putting Cobra HFC on and having a Remap once fitted? Only mods i have so far are Cobra rear, centre and Y Black 350Z GT4