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  1. 3FIDDYZ

    Mk2 (06+) Airbox

    Which throtle body spacer? Alot are just "vortex generaters" or have external nipples. Cant remember the name and dont seem to have a pic at the moment, but yeh, it has rifleing on the inside that does something to the air coming in.. It functions by swirling or directing the air flow to maximize air volume to the manifold. Maybe pixi dust but it did all add up to get a decent whp number on mine!!
  2. Hes getting james bond stylee JDM samurai sword wheel centres fitted next week incase they miss the canards and then a a razor blade roof vortex generator just incase the poor pedestrian makes it over the windscreen!
  3. One is of the same opinion....
  4. By the RHS one I assume you mean the one on the RHS as you look into the engine from the front of the car ...... i.e. the one on the LHS or passenger side of the car ......... also it's worth pointing out that the headlight washers are activated by the windscreen washer control only when the headlights are on Really? I thought the headlight washers worked all the time... Whilst we are on this topic, has anyone ever used the headlight washer switch near the petrol cap release... Or is it pretty lonely and redundant?
  5. 3FIDDYZ

    Mk2 (06+) Airbox

    I still profess the Throttle body spacer works too... Same principle!!
  6. 3FIDDYZ

    Mk2 (06+) Airbox

    IIRC its 3", (will check mine in the morning) Lots available that could be made to fit! http://www.optionsauto.com/products.asp?dept=722
  7. 3FIDDYZ

    Mk2 (06+) Airbox

    I think someone did, but not on this side of the pond! Sure if would be quite easy to fabricate, or someone must make one that would fit in the z-tube... Difference The 06 is on the right BTW
  8. Hmmm Just havign a discussion about this off forum with Ian and he seems to think that you may not be able to use the headlight washers if you remove the right hand side one... I thought mine worked but then it was a few years ago that I removed and then i changed to a bumper with no headlight washers!! But the front and rear windscreen do work if you remove the RHS! (Better if the headlight ones dont work anyway.. they just spoil your freshly waxed paint when you clean your windows!)
  9. Yes all the washers inc the headlight ones will work if you remove the one from the right hand side. Just block the hoses up so you dont loose all the fluid as your washers def wont work then
  10. do you still have the washer bottle on your car, from where the air filter now is? The filter does replace the down pipe, but if you have an import you can fit the long tube no proplem. If you have a UK car you have 2 washer bottles, just remove the right hand one, block the pipes off (best to remove the pipes and block off on the left hand one) and your all done and dusted!
  11. I think (and please correct me if I am wrong) that the imports only had one of the shades of GM, its the UK cars that have 2 but I would still be going back to halfords. You asked them for a specific shade of colour for a specific car, they didnt give you that and its going to take you extra work to get sorted now...
  12. Details are available with search. This looks WAY too dark to be either version of GM though. Totally.... I would take that up with Halfords... Dont you give them your reg details and they check on their putter?
  13. There have always been 2 different versions of GM for the 350z if you didnt know mate...
  14. I know ! but like to know the pub fly figure too !! Add 30hp for Fly... The 06 airbox on dans only gave 2hp over a tuned one with a popcharger;) Need to find out if mine will get to 274 with an 06 box on and then we can see if its the headers that help!
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