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  1. For sale is a full set of Rays alloy wheels. You all know the specifics. 18x18 and 18x8.5 they come with tyres on, and if they are collected I have two spare rear tyres if you want them. The tyres are pretty worn but may do for a short time. They have been in storage for the last 3 years, and never moved out the racking, I gave them a wash the other day and they still beaded. I cant remember the wax i used on them but its obviously bloody good! The alloys are all in good condition with only a small amount of kerbing and a little bubbling, mostly on just one wheel IIRC. (see the in
  2. Sold, Please close. Thanks
  3. Pair of 350z de cat pipes. Bought them for my 350z a while back, I had them on the car for 4-5 months then changed for MOT and never put them back on for some reason. One of the threads for the O2 sensor has a little bump of metal on it, god knows what happened or where it came from but screwing in an o2 sensor shouldn't be a problem. The brand is unknown, the only thing I was concerned about when buying them was that they had the o2 sensor pointing upwards, some de cats have the sensor pointing slightly downwards and with my car being very low i didn't want to risk the o2 sensor bein
  4. Could have made that with a jigsaw and a drill, no need for all this fancy CNC lark unless its 3D
  5. http://www.oemmedi.it/en/photo.htm
  6. http://www.carbuildindex.com/11708/fiat-500-with-580-hp-lamborghini-murcielage-v12-engine/
  7. i used to have to split and rebuild quite a few pricey sets of split rims. Nothing wrong with splitting them, if they are 2 piece you just need a good digital torque wrench and loctite. if its 3 piece then you need to clean the old sealants properly, and get a good sealant for the job.
  8. Short of working in the same bank they bank for I guess not but you never know... Just wanted to ask as I got conned out of some money, it wasn't a lot or anything but I hate someone making me look stupid and it meant letting someone close to me down on something. I am not happy... Any Ideas? I have the persons, Name, phone number, bank details. Thanks
  9. Its a shame momentum went under a year or so ago, their kits looks awesome.
  10. I am struggling to eat enough calories so I am currently using Syntha 6, 200cal per serving and Im on 4 a day haha. still not putting on much weight
  11. your's will be diamond cut, a good (proper) refurb company will have the tooling to do that. £230 will get all 4 refurbed for sure, but why refurb 3 wheels that don't need it? buy 1 new wheel and sell the old one for a few quid back in your pocket. That way they all match, none have been repaired and back to normal service. Unless you plan on painting them a new colour. Don't forget refurbed wheels don't always come out great...
  12. Just buy a new wheel if the other 3 are mint. That way you can keep a spare or sell it on for a couple of quid.
  13. Just bung some washers between the car and the left hand exhaust hanger to drop it down a bit. Sorted..
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