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  1. I had the same issue. I did the pin push thing and I thought I'd fixed it but I hadn't. The problem was the black (grey) clip on multi jet was full of black bits. I used blue tack to cover the little jets except the end one and I used another bit of blue tack to help seal the nozzle of a compressed air can on the end. I gave it a blast and loads of flakes of black stuff came out. A bit like small pieces of rubber. I then re clipped on the black jets to the wiper arm, connected the t piece and it now works like a charm.
  2. I've done nothing yet as I've been busy on assignment. I'll probably have an exhaust specialist add a silencer or replace the one in the resonated bit of pipe with a more effective one. He or she may have a better idea though so I'll see what they say.
  3. Thanks. Am I right in thinking I can keep the Cobra Y piece and then just swap out the back two pieces for a decent exhaust?
  4. I certainly can't live with the Cobra. What sounds better, Militek or stock?
  5. Yep. It's driving me mad too. £650 wasted I'll either go back to stock or have the inline silencer section (resonated) changed for something more substantial. The drone is shocking and I suppose if the Cobra system sound was good they could charge more for it.
  6. Thanks for this. I might just change the back box for the Militek or Invidia and leave the Y pipe, front silencer etc in place. I'll check out my options.
  7. Thanks, overall I'm happy with the sound quality and the volume at all revs except between 2000 - 2600 rpm. Thats when it booooms. I might just need to change one box rather than the whole system. I've done 1k miles now and it is damping down a bit now that it's coking up for your reply
  8. Thank you Randy. Soundproofing is my next step. It seems a shame that resonance can’t be dealt with in exhaust design. The lovely top notes are fine it’s just the boom that’s the issue.
  9. Thanks Reecybeaney. Mine sounds like a big hollow box with a deep drone. Yes the top notes and raspiness are good but when the throttle opens up just a bit the drone switches on.
  10. I have a 2007 Azure roadster at 34k miles and have just had to have a new exhaust back box (split and difficult to weld apparently). Anyway I decided after reading reviews here and watching countless youtube vids that I would get a 3" stainless resonated Cobra system including the Y piece. I had it fitted okay and it sounds great, much louder than stock, when giving it some throttle but it has a deep annoying drone between 2000 and 3000 revs under slight load. Motorway driving has become tiresome. Is there anything I can do to solve the issue? All things considered. Soundproofing, changing an exhaust component, selling the car etc.
  11. Send them an invoice for £150 usage fee. I'm a full time pro photographer and can tell you what they have done is theft. They are a business too so that's bang out of order. If they had asked you I'd say be flattered and oblige but to not ask is a crime and they should pay you. Just my thoughts. PS: screen grab your evidence
  12. It looks great. Do check the oil every 1k miles and expect to top it up every couple of thousand miles anyway. Do your best on the price but if you love it the asking price may well be spot on. Later engines (07 onwards) fetch a higher price. Try and find out why the bonnet was changed. Was it in a front end shunt and needed replacing anyway? Do the obvious searches etc.
  13. Thanks. All sorted now
  14. Price sounds about right if the roof was okay. As previously said, the going rate for a decent roof replacement is £850 fitted for mohair (worth the extra few pounds). I've just had mine done and it has transformed my 2007 (34k miles) 350z. The 2008 has the better engine. The colour affects the price too. I wanted Azure blue and ended up paying £500 over the odds as it was the only one available at the time with under 50k miles on the clock (I waited 6 months to get the right car for me). One of the main things to look out for apart from hood condition is the hood mechanism. Check it goes up and down as it should. The door windows should drop about 10mm when the doors are opened and rise the same 10mm when the doors are closed. If this doesn't happen it will mean new or reconditioned window motors are needed apparently. You have no timing belt change at 60k miles to worry about as it's a timing chain so servicing should be straight forward. The owner of one car I looked claimed it had had a recent service but the engine oil was black. Check the dip stick. Modifications detract from the price so when you do modify your car keep the original bits to replace when you come to sell it. There is virtually no depreciation on a 2008 350z roadster as long as the condition is maintained. My car is worth what I paid for it 2 years ago Road tax is over £500 so bear this in mind.





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