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  1. Cubby Panel: http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item_de ... odID=57881 (£89.95) Finisher trim: http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item_de ... odID=61451 (£18.95) Hope this helps Louise
  2. Or else another place to buy at a lower price viewtopic.php?f=130&t=44031
  3. Oh Mike, that's an old post. Those ones have been sold a long time ago (on eBay). Louise
  4. Happy to help, but we dont have any in stock at the moment for the JDM non-Brembo. Would be a 2 week wait from Japan Louise
  5. Here they are Chris: (for non-Brembo): Pair of EBC Turbo Grooved Front Brake Discs - GD7120 http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item_de ... odID=59833 Pair of EBC Turbo Grooved Rear Brake Discs - GD7121 http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item_de ... odID=59834 (for Brembo): Pair of EBC Turbo Grooved Front Brake Discs - GD7122 http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item_de ... odID=59832 Pair of EBC Turbo Grooved Rear Brake Discs - GD7123 http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item_de ... odID=59831 We can get Ultimax too. Give us a competitor's price and we'll try and beat it! Thanks Louise
  6. By boot bulb do you mean the little light inside the boot? If so, it's a small wedge "501" bulb. We sell these in pairs for £1.24 which includes delivery within the UK. Here's a picture http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item_de ... odID=55349 Thanks! Louise
  7. You might like to consider these too. We sell tons of them and they are Philips quality for less than £3.50 a pair delivered By the way, those LED bulbs that "Ultra LEDs" are selling are for 24v. The 350z is 12v isnt it? Louise
  8. Just a word of warning here guys. These are NOT genuine Nissan or Nismo items. We have seen these kind of things before and in most cases they are just cheap items with knock off stickers on them. A while back I remember a friend in a car club I used to be in having bought one of these oil caps for his Honda, which had a Mugen sticker but otherwise exactly the same design as the one on this auction page. It became stuck fast resulting in him having to buy a new rocker cover. It's cheap for a reason. That said, that is a very good price. A genuine Nismo emblem would cost more than that on its own! Louise
  9. If you guys are able to get the Nissan part number for this I am sure we would be about to source it for you from Nissan in Japan for much less than Nissan UK prices. Louise
  10. If it ends up you need a new motor, we are selling some genuine Nissan ones cheap here: viewtopic.php?f=130&t=44031
  11. Awww, poor you. And such a lovely car too
  12. I saw that episode too and thought the 370z had a rough time. Why didn't they at least do the tests all with the same driver to get a more realistic comparrison? I do think 5th Gear is just terrible though.
  13. I've checked the ones we sell and they are the Silvertec ones too. Sorry sparky. I also contacted our Philips supplier about those ones too and they said they don't supply those particular ones. It seems strange because they do all the rest of the Philips bulb range
  14. To be honest the Philips ones are better than these but it's debatable if they are twice as better for twice the cost. I cant remember off the top of my head what brand the ones JDM sells are. I could check when I get back into work on Friday and let you know though.





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