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  1. Hey Guys, I havent posted in a VERY long time. But I just thought I would post up to say its come time to sell the 350z. In the time I have owned the car I have loved every moment of it, and life has changed hugely from single and driving every day, to married with 1 kid and 2 on the way! The forum has been great to get helpful hints and tips and various other bits. Thank you for everyone for the advice. Hopefully some of my guides will live on forever. I have decided to sell the car as it just isnt getting driven, it sits on the drive gathering dirt and gets driven every weekend and when I am not working in London. Pricing has been a real challenge for me. So anyone who can offer advice there would be great. Randomly someone has contacted me from gocarz.eu so if you have any advice then let me know. Now to go give the car a mega clean!
  2. Yo guys! Quick one just to say big thanks for advice as always! Calmed my nervous pushed for a little more and they have agreed. Now just trying to lock down whole package (holiday etc..) Thanks for the advice.
  3. So actually I dont feel like i can go back and say "no sorry I want X as thats what it will take me to move, but also the figure i told you before was also quite a bit higher then what i said i was on." I literally wouldn't have battered an eyelid until i was looking stuff up online and it was flagged as a big no no! (Like i said i just assumed it was the done thing, you go balls out asking for as much as you think you can) I just cant imagine anyone when going for a new job and asked the question "how much do you earn now" would go "x" as all the new employers would do is go "x+10%" is what we will give you. But I assumed companies would realise this so ask you what you earn knowing you will say x+25% so they then know that they need to offer you higher then that to get you.
  4. That is pretty much exactly what the people i have spoken to have said! Its just scary ground moving job etc..
  5. On this I called a couple of close friends and they both told me i'm mad everyone over inflates their salaries when negotiating jobs, its something thats done but not talked about. The company know everyone does it. By the time they get your p45 your in the company all signed up, its some person in finance who sorts it, and its really not a big deal (Assuming you can do the job of course).. Thoughts?
  6. HI Guys, After some advice on salary. I was approached about by an ex colleague about a new role in a pretty exciting quite big American tech company. I am approached quite often and never really follow them up, either as they aren't offering what it would take me to leave my current job or as the company is just not as good. Anyway this guy approached me, the company initially didn't sound that interesting and early on he asked me what I was earning I of course over inflated my salary somewhat (partly at the time thinking that if they made an offer it would need to be above that for me to go for it) I know in my field my currently salary is low for what I do but the company I currently work for is great and very safe and im comfortable. I must stress this is the only fib I have told in the entire process, everything else is straight I haven't told porkies on any other part of the interviews, and they approached me. *EDIT* I also when i gave the number thought about that i am due to have what i hope is quite a large pay increase etc... However move on a few weeks the role has got more serious and im now in a position where they have made me an offer that is reasonable but not huge to make me consider moving roles so i was going to go back to them and suggest a new figure and the way i got to that figure. However when looking online its made me super nervous as almost everything i can find about negotiating salary says i should not have in effect lied and over inflated my first statement and that the company can, and probably will check when you give them your p45. Which then leads to all kinds of trouble including instant dismissals etc.. Now i really was after some advice, the new job is quite different, more senior, involves me doing a really pricey train commute (around 13% of my salary before tax) etc.. so im pushing for what in effect will be a 70% increase in pay. Which i am pretty sure they will accept. In short im nervous that I have told a fib, and its going to come back and bite me big time because they can check my previous salary! (Which is 100% something I did not think was possible or done!) Advice please?
  7. Hey guys, I have started a small side business which means I am currently posting around 40-60 parcels a month (but obviously hoping to grow!) All the parcels are valued at around £30-50 which means I need to send them recorded (but second class is ok) Some are sent internationally. The parcels are usually no bigger then a "small parcel" by royal mail standards I started taking stuff after my normal day job to the local post office, but its a bit of a nuisance for me, but also for the other people in the queue (i live around alot of pensioners doing banks stuff etc..) and its pretty damn awkward getting like 20 parcels done at a time with an ever increasing queue of people tutting behind me. Its a bit of an inconvenience to go every day to post a couple so i normally do a weeks worth on a day and have tried different days etc.. but its very hit and miss how busy it is etc.. Anyway long story short I was wondering how small businesses normally do their post. What options do I have? Are there any services that will come pick up the parcels in a batch etc? Any advice would be fantastic!
  8. Ah didnt consider any of those actually. I was looking at A6 or A4 estates
  9. Hi All, I am due to have my first born end of Jan. (Seriously excited / nervous at the same time!). Her car is currently a 2006 Ford Focus 1.8 Turbo Diesel. Its done us really well and actually perfect as a run around. We also used to have two greyhounds sadly just lost one so now only one. Its coming up to 75k miles and has a few minor things that need doing. But long story short I quite want to get something a bit nicer but just as practical for my wife to use. Few thoughts: Something a bit fun in terms of looks. It needs to be economical but if it can be a bit sporty then great. (Not fussed about diesel or petrol) Needs to be able to fit a greyhound in the boot (they can jump pretty high but not crazy high. - Also as they get older they cant jump well at all) Needs a few mod cons ideally Needs to have fairly low mileage (no more then say 60k miles) Needs to be no more then 5-6 years old really. Budget wise I really don't want to be looking at more then £10k if at all possible I have been looking at a few things based of recommendation from friends and family. But nothing has quite grabbed me, and what has hasnt been in budget sadly Anyway would be great to get some extra advice
  10. Hey guys, Little update, as a few peeps have said above its not for any fitness tests or anything. Its litrally a form that says the insurance company can have my records (and my wifes) apparently super basic (although i have not seen it). I called up the GPs and was basically super stern on the phone explaining its really not on and if it wasnt filled out that day i would be down there that evening until the GP had done it. They have no apparently done it and faxed it back to my broker. Just a real pain in the backside and very frustrating. All sorted now! Thanks everyone!
  11. Thanks guys its pretty crap service from them tbh and really it just feels like over 1 month is excessive amount of time to sign a form and send it back. Annoying there is no legal recourse if stuff falls through, from my point of view I just want to make a threat. But sounds like i am going to have to sit with them tomorrow!
  12. Hi Guys, I was after some legal advice. I am in the middle of buying a new house. As part of our new mortgage we have had to setup life insurance (perfectly normal) as part of the insurance company need our GP to complete a form. The mortgage company need this to finalise the mortgage. This is where the issue is, the GP received the form mid September, and still have not completed it! Our mortgage broker and us have chased the surgery and each time been told the GP will do it. But they still havent and finally today we have had a final warning from the insurance company saying they need it this week. The mortgage is required to have it. I am a bit miffed (and a little stressed out) by it all and really feel that the GP could cause us to lose the mortage and therefore the house. (Im pretty sure it wont get to that!) but i want to make quite a serious threat but wondered legally what i can do. As they do need to get it signed and back today. Any advice would be good, my next step would be to drive down there this afternoon and litrally sit there until they do it. But i really dont feel like i should have to do that...
  13. Thanks for the feedback peeps, 3d printing is actually on the whole pretty stressful when its not working but amazing when it is. The tech is pretty amazing but actually incredibly simple and because of that it means things go wrong ALOT I would say. Like on a normal printer you just press print and hey presto it comes out 99% of the time if you have ink and paper perfect. On a 3d printer you need to think about detail you want, speed of printing, heat of printer head, level printing bed, heat of glass etc.. and even then something simple can make it all go wrong. But like I said when it works its amazing! and great fun. I am just messing about on the work machine but have started selling a few bits over the last week (basically to pay for the filament that I want to buy and some wear and tear). Work are cool that they let me use it to build up skills etc..
  14. Sure bud, I don't want to break any forum selling rules so will PM you. I use a few bits of software in the process (123design, and Cura) but like I said these arnt my design I have mearly taken some clever sods design messed with it a tiny weany bit and then printed it.
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