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  1. Hi guys! It's time for our monthly giveaway! To be in with a chance of winning one of our service packs, all you have to do is leave us a review on Facebook by following the link below. SIMPLES. http://bit.ly/torqen-f Competition end date - 1st March 2021
  2. Enough is enough. We had to put all of these @stoptech brakes to use and stop the long wait times on these products! Got a delivery of @stoptech products! In stock and ready to ship out today!
  3. Hi guys, OUR PRE-SHOW SEASON SALE IS NOW LIVE! All the brands you can see and more! Click the link below for all sale products! CLICK HERE!
  4. Hi all, We are very excited to announce a new member to Team TORQEN. Please welcome James! Team TORQEN is growing rapidly to keep up with the love you guys show us on a daily basis. Thank you all for your ongoing support!
  5. Hi Guys, We now have the full catalogue of FDF RaceShop products on our website! https://www.torqen.uk/505_fdf-raceshop
  6. HI ALL, FLY1 MOTORSPORTS 370Z TERMINAL GT HOOD...LAST ONE LEFT IN STOCK! GRAB IT NOW TO AVOID LONG WAIT TIMES! https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/body-styling/exterior/21112-370z-fly1-motorsports-terminal-gt-hood.html
  7. Sorry for the late reply Andy, it’s been revealed. Please see above
  8. Hi @da.murf, It would not be a worthwhile mod on a Rev up. Your money would be better spent on other mods. Jay
  9. Link below https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/engine/plenum-spacers/53879-350z-de-torqen-plenumz-trq-vqde-psz.html
  10. Hi All, TORQEN PLENUMZ ready to ship out! Limited quantities available in each colour, so get ordering now to avoid missing out! PLENUMZ10 for 10% off. Available for the first 10 orders only!
  11. Hi All, 1 in stock and 6x Invidia Gemini exhausts on their way to us arriving early next week! Normal ETA around 10-12 weeks. Order now to avoid long lead times usually experienced on these products.
  12. Please try the link below http://bit.ly/torqen-g
  13. Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well and safe. Leave us a review by clicking the link below to be entered into our giveaway. The deadline is Monday 1st of February 2021. Trust us you don't want to miss this one. http://bit.ly/torqen-g
  14. Hey, welcome to the group! The Z looks really good, congratulations!
  15. Welcome to the group and hopefully you find an absolute gem of a Z!
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