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  1. Hi, welcome to the group! Love the exhaust!!
  2. TORQEN are proud to announce a partnership with LINK engine management! All LINK products now available to order from TORQEN website. It was amazing to meet the LINK team and give them a tour around TORQEN HQ, we cant wait to welcome Paul and David again in the future! https://www.torqen.uk/4008-link-ecu
  3. Hi, welcome to the group and your car looks amazing! Great find!
  4. Hi, welcome to the group! A white wrapped roof sounds good to me personally!
  5. Hi, welcome to the group. hope you find what you're looking for
  6. Hi, welcome to the forum. Looks so nice! look forward to seeing more of your car!
  7. Hi, welcome to the group and awesome coloured Z! looks really clean
  8. Hi Ian, welcome to the group
  9. Welcome to the group! Id say go for it life's too short!
  10. Hi and welcome to the group!! we'd love to see loads of photos of your car. Sunburst orange is a lovely colour as well on the Z!
  11. Hi, welcome to the group and nice car!! We hope to see lots of progress photos on here of your build!
  12. Hi, welcome to the group. In regards to your recent issue with losing power, i think what i would personally do is to check by attaching it to an OBD reader as it could be a number of issues throwing your ECU off.
  13. Hi, welcome to the group! glad to see you on here





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