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  1. Payco - Datsun 510 SSS - WWU 276J andy James 350Z - AJ07 ZZZ nismoandy 350Z - WP06FNX George1966 350Z CK06ACK Andy_Muxlow 350Z A20 MUX Loadmaster - 370Z Nismo - K8 LCJ GranTurismoEra - 370Z RA62DXH gnarly - 370z GT - LM18TGU TommZ - 370z Nismo - VV66TOM coldel - z4 - KT09JDO Seb - 350Z PR03 SEB zippypooz - 350Z - N44 SSN Darren-b - 240z - BVM 362K Cals_350z - 350z - DG56 WKK amyzed - 350z - FA51 AMY Allan .s - nissan 350z HRt - n07byj Nathan m - nissan 350z - av57znr How does it work first time signing up and going to event.
  2. Just for six belt was around £130 that was all advised to have done or needed doing.
  3. Cheers for responding, this is all they have me on the details on what needs doing everything they said was all in the green / ok. I take it garage instead see what they say for a price.
  4. Hi all, Can anyone here say the price quoted for the work is reasonable or being ripped off. https://uk.ivhc.com/glynhopkin/9525322/5820860AV57ZNR2912022 Link above is for the inspection carried out half way through is the repairs needed and costs One is the lower sump needing repair at around £500 The other is drive belt at around £130. Thanks for any input here.
  5. Cheers everyone for the input I check first thing in the morning see what it sitting at.
  6. Thanks for the response. Thought this be the case. Just over the H mark I take it down the garage tomorrow and get some drained out. Cheers.
  7. Hello to you guys. You lot going to be getting pay slips 😁
  8. Hi recently purchased my 350z, 1 week in what a car. Hope to join a meet at sometime.
  9. Hi all, Recently just bought my nissan, Been driving round for a week now after getting back from work i checked the oil level on this amazing dip stick. I let the engine cool down 15 mins or so at least. Level on dipstick from the L position was around say 1-2 letter above that. I have now put around 400ml of oil in. Now after letting her cool down Reading is about 1 letter higher than the H, Do I have a real problem on my hand and need to drain ASAP?
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