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  1. Well super excited collected the z on Wednesday looking to come along to any south coast meets , ?? Cheers
  2. Damn only getting the z this coming Wednesday would have loved to have come along !! bought this
  3. lee65

    370 z nismo

    Cheers fella
  4. lee65

    370 z nismo

    I’m picking up my new car on Wednesday silly noobie question should a nismo have a build number plaque ??? Ta
  5. Yea but I like it , not everyone’s taste but it’s coming home
  6. Don’t want a mark 1 and I like it how it is
  7. We’ll it’s coming home Wednesday !!
  8. Cheers bud only because I’ve heard horror stories of base cars being made into something else and adding ££££££ to the value that’s all it’was in 1987 I purchased a 1983 escort supposed to be an xr3i for those that remember , but it wasn’t lol
  9. Good evening after some time away I’m back and found a fantastic 370 nismo anyone know this car ? And paranoid question is it genuine nismo
  10. lee65

    400 Zed

    Maybe its been mentioned before but who likes / dislikes the potential 370 replacement , with a near 500 bhp GTR motor the 400z ??? me I want one ...
  11. Just wanted to say ordered these , super fast delivery and very happy , thankyou Asad !!
  12. It was great to meet you guys .. thanks for letting me tag along , see you all soon , inspired to mod now even more , ATB
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