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  1. Got a better head unit now Wheels finally arrived after 9weeks Micro seats and some street legal takata harness
  2. Decided to chuck out the oem satnav and fit a more modern one with google maps etc dont mind the shocking red paint cup holder ordered for the lower section.
  3. Awesome welcome I’m from northants so neighbours
  4. Hi Luke I had this issue and it was the steering angle sensor it needs re calibration. Nissan wanted £58 to reset this but I opted for buying DataScan and that was £40ish plus now I have diagnostics for the car too so winning.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. But great news I got my DataScan II to work was a coms issue sensor reset and all happy again
  6. Just been quoted from the dealer £58 to reset it
  7. Hi all. I’ve replaced my spiral cable on my 350 and unfortunately this has upset my steering angle sensor and put my tcs and slip light on (not a bad thing always skids now) but I like things to function as they should. I downloaded Nissan DataScan II but unfortunately it won’t connect to my abs Ecu to reset the angle sensor. Is there another way to do this or do I have to go see the stealership ? Thanks mical
  8. Hi all. Looking for some satnav controls for a 2006 facelift my enter button works intermittently and it’s getting annoying now. And the new price is well just ridiculous Thanks
  9. Agreed. It’s rather boring with TCS on but without it I’m a lot happier.
  10. Hi All, thought i I would introduce myself names Mical recently purchased a 2007 350z although it’s a 2006 model. It’s a fix-me-upper that hasn’t been very well loved in the past but this means I got it for 3k under value so leaves some spare change to play with. Here’s some pictures of the Z. Never delt with a Z before previous car was a 200SX that I got into car magazines for. While searching the net I came across a black 350z with candy red rims and well I’m sold and I ordered a set. So this is my goal of how I want the Z to look. Well look forward to hearing from you all and if there are any meets etc.





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