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  1. They are easy to fit and cheap enough. Closes the rear arch gap by around 10mm. The front now sits only very slightly higher than the rear but the car looks more level than stock in my opinion.
  2. No issues at all. Probably driven 100 miles so far and they seem fine. I don't drive my car hard or track it though.
  3. Bit of a thread resurrection but I've just replaced my Eibach springs with stock springs and fitted a set of these isolators on the rear. Ride is pretty good and I think the car sits well I think. Managed to buy a set for around £30 delivered from Amazon.com (black version) so thought it was worth a go. There is a video on YouTube of a set being fitted which persuaded me to go for it.
  4. See this parked most days in town centre
  5. Great colour. I was torn between the orange and the black. Wish I'd gone orange as it would be easier to keep clean maybe. Welcome to the forum
  6. Welcome to the forum. Love the colour
  7. For Sale Eibach Pro Lowering Springs for the 350Z. 30mm Drop all round Came with my car but being the wrong side of 50 I've bought and fitted stock springs. I've included some photos of them fitted. Looked good and drove very well - actually not much different to stock in terms of comfort. Some slight surface rust in places but look to be in good usable condition. £115 delivered to mainland UK or collected from near Colchester Essex. Discount for collection.
  8. Yes, I probably would have gone for the HR with the engine and body improvements but all depends on budget.





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