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  1. Many thanks Martin payco for organising this event Good to meet you all and chat ,may see some of you on 13th June Hatfield Peveral !!! (By the way Martin the Merc Sold )
  2. 21 ) Jenso - 2004 350z GT - J15NSO
  3. Gr8 effort guys n girls brill time (loved the Roundabout thing) lol good to meet you all What's the next meet we can all make ?
  4. Hi hope to attend subject to work even just to say hi only Cheers
  5. Hi all regards the Tapping Noise !! I had the same on my Z which is a 54 plate GT Manual with 88.000 FSH turns out after much investigation a hydraulic lifter !! So faced with the delema of a strip down and rebuild costly so opted for a JDM Jap parts replacment engine with 35k miles a lot cheaper believe me the service is A1 engine purrs best option and cheapest
  6. Hi Guys thinking of putting a Plenum Spacer 5/16" size on my Zed it's the DE engine , Will I need to alter any other parts of the Engine ie state of Tune ?? Many thanks
  7. Hi who do I get in touch with regards purchase of these centre vent trims ? Cheers guys
  8. Hi all just a reminder that Battlesbridge Classic car Show this Sunday 13th hope to see a few Zeds on display along side mine Cheers
  9. Hi and welcome I too was @ japfest in the same Group row Sunday had a brill day next time hope to be with the rest of the group in the Club parking area !
  10. Jenso

    Hi just wondered if you have a specialist garage you use to service your Zed  ?


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    2. 1CE


      You got oil in the engine right lol?  Ticking noise can be the fuel dampers. Also the the flywheel and release bearing on the clutch tend to be noisy at times.

    3. Jenso


      Yes oil at correct level :)

      Sounds more top rather than lower engine, wondered if you had or heard of this !

      Car goes and drives perfect except this ticking/tapping  !

    4. 1CE


      Try and get a video :thumbs:

  11. Hi just wondered had you a specialist garage you could recommend me fir ny Zed ?

    As I'm based in Essex SWF 


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