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  1. Honestly, not super keen on posting them at the moment.
  2. Hi All, Sold my Zed some time ago and forgot about the winter spare alloys sat in the shed, they were the ones originally on my HR when new before I replaced them with a different every day set and kept for winter only. They are in reasonable condition, some bubbling and kerb scuffs, one particularly noticeable piece of corrosion on one spoke and have been kept in a dry shed for the last couple of years. Have pictured the worst bits. Original lug nuts and locking nuts and key here too. Currently have no idea what the going rate is for these, so will start at £150 but happy to take
  3. I know its been a while but have just started clearing out my shed and have my old winter rays that I'm gonna list. No tyres. You still looking for these?
  4. Thanks. I have been to atkin before. Only problem is distance. Pretty much have to take a morning off. Might give L&G a call though. Anyone suggestions on what else to look at changing while it's open or anything.
  5. Hi all, I know there are a few posts on low oil pressure for the HR in the 350 and early 370 owing to poor oil galley gaskets. I have noticed oil pressure drop gradually over the last few weeks, performance has started to feel a bit flat and idle when the air con is off is starting to sound a bit lumpy/erratic. plenty of relatively new oil in so my first suspicion is the infamous paper gaskets want replacement. Reason for post is: 1. Is there anything else I should try first? Since the job is not a small one and I shall be paying someone with more skill tha
  6. Seen you a few times driving through. Spotted again today in the queue past dragon city chinese at 6pm. I wasn't in mine as I was in the Chinese.
  7. Hi Ewen, That's great, thanks. What would the estimated shipping time for that plus some service fluids be. Trying to arrange a convenient time with the mechanic as well thanks. J
  8. Hi, I know it's been a while since this was posted but wondered whether you still have this deal running? Cheers
  9. You were heading in the direction of York on A64. I was a couple of cars behind you by the time I turned off to head into tadcaster.
  10. If you had turned off at scotch corner it wouldn't have been you. It was just after junction if heading south.
  11. After resetting to factory did you determine whether the other 2 games were deleted?
  12. I parked outside ur house in bexley, was attending church opposite, couldn't beive I accidentally parked next t you.
  13. Saw this advertised on Pistonheads. nice purchase, enjoy!!!
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