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  1. Seen you a few times driving through. Spotted again today in the queue past dragon city chinese at 6pm. I wasn't in mine as I was in the Chinese.
  2. **DBA T2 Discs With Hawk Pads, New Combo Price Deal!**

    Hi Ewen, That's great, thanks. What would the estimated shipping time for that plus some service fluids be. Trying to arrange a convenient time with the mechanic as well thanks. J
  3. **DBA T2 Discs With Hawk Pads, New Combo Price Deal!**

    Hi, I know it's been a while since this was posted but wondered whether you still have this deal running? Cheers
  4. You were heading in the direction of York on A64. I was a couple of cars behind you by the time I turned off to head into tadcaster.
  5. If you had turned off at scotch corner it wouldn't have been you. It was just after junction if heading south.
  6. [SOLD]Playstation 4

    After resetting to factory did you determine whether the other 2 games were deleted?
  7. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    I have the same steering wheel but a different mount. Wheel is an absolute bargain for its quality. Shame it seems to be not compatible with ps4s last time I checked.
  8. If you were on your way up to Bonby what took you up as far as Scotch corner?
  9. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    I haven't played with adding ballast or movable weight at all yet. I shifted brake balance forward slightly for all of them I think and gradually reduced the amount of traction control. Think for Roma I had brake balance as Front 7, Rear 4 with traction control 1 and ABS 1.
  10. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    I had a quick check this morning and couldn't find a way to get a data trace from the laps that have been done already. If I find time this weekend I will happily have another go at Roma and save a data trace if I get close to my best time again.
  11. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    I do think a wheel makes a big difference for feathering throttle and steering inputs and for rolling off the brake on turn in to keep traction. There is no way I could hit those times with a control. If you were closer I would happily lend you my wheel over the weekend or something so you could have a bash. I will happily see if I can retrieve the data logger for laps if you like ( although I thought you had to specifically save it at the time) I will investigate tomorrow if I get chance. Which would you like? Just Roma? I reckon there is still a few tenths in Roma although expect it would take me a large number of attempts to get it all hooked up together. That time took me a fair while to get and was hardly something I could consistently put together.
  12. Hi, long way from Gloucester, what you doing up this end of the country?
  13. Do you know what I'm now not sure whether roadster or coupe. Been a long few days since then. Were you heading south on A1, it was almost exactly at the junction I spotted while heading north? I would be surprised if you had roof down either way though as it was rather grey and drizzly.
  14. Spotted a 52 plate silver parked on Burley Road in Leeds this morning, must have passed it at about 9:30. Spotted another silver in the stupid A1 average 50 road works that have been on around the Scotch Corner junction for what feels like forever. I was in my grey 350 going the other way in the contraflow lane almost exactly where the Scotch Corner junction at approx 4:30. I did wave over the separating wall at you ni outside lane but not sure if you saw me.
  15. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    Woo after after number of attemps I have improved on Monaco and roma. Roma: 1:04.712 Monaco: 1:39.798 Enjoy those euros stu, you got some times to beat when you get back.