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  1. Seen you a few times driving through. Spotted again today in the queue past dragon city chinese at 6pm. I wasn't in mine as I was in the Chinese.
  2. **DBA T2 Discs With Hawk Pads, New Combo Price Deal!**

    Hi Ewen, That's great, thanks. What would the estimated shipping time for that plus some service fluids be. Trying to arrange a convenient time with the mechanic as well thanks. J
  3. **DBA T2 Discs With Hawk Pads, New Combo Price Deal!**

    Hi, I know it's been a while since this was posted but wondered whether you still have this deal running? Cheers
  4. You were heading in the direction of York on A64. I was a couple of cars behind you by the time I turned off to head into tadcaster.
  5. If you had turned off at scotch corner it wouldn't have been you. It was just after junction if heading south.
  6. [SOLD]Playstation 4

    After resetting to factory did you determine whether the other 2 games were deleted?
  7. I parked outside ur house in bexley, was attending church opposite, couldn't beive I accidentally parked next t you.
  8. [SOLD]Modified Azure Blue 350z (DEPOSIT TAKEN)

    Saw this advertised on Pistonheads. nice purchase, enjoy!!!
  9. [SOLD]Modified Azure Blue 350z (DEPOSIT TAKEN)

    Bah, the fact it's Jap throws off my original guess, although knowing that now i would guess at RX7
  10. [SOLD]Modified Azure Blue 350z (DEPOSIT TAKEN)

    Am I allowed to guess?
  11. [SOLD]Modified Azure Blue 350z (DEPOSIT TAKEN)

    Ooo Ooo I think I know what it is.
  12. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    I have the same steering wheel but a different mount. Wheel is an absolute bargain for its quality. Shame it seems to be not compatible with ps4s last time I checked.
  13. If you were on your way up to Bonby what took you up as far as Scotch corner?
  14. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    I haven't played with adding ballast or movable weight at all yet. I shifted brake balance forward slightly for all of them I think and gradually reduced the amount of traction control. Think for Roma I had brake balance as Front 7, Rear 4 with traction control 1 and ABS 1.
  15. New for 2016 Gran Turismo 6 Challenge Cup

    I had a quick check this morning and couldn't find a way to get a data trace from the laps that have been done already. If I find time this weekend I will happily have another go at Roma and save a data trace if I get close to my best time again.