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    Stubaru BRZ

    Knew I recognised the Zed on the welcome post over the way. The Ark is all packed up, hope it sorts the unfortunate blow on your exhaust.
  2. I second considering the Toyobaru. I went from a 350 to one. I get 35mpg on my commute of 20 miles, 3 of them crawling through town then the rest down a not normally awful motorway. Many people do say they are too slow, but I'd suggest driving one. They feel so much lighter and more agile than the zed (I had both for a few months, 350 felt massive after the 86) and when you do get time to a proper blast you just have to keep it above 4k rpm with the added bonus that I find it is in it's element a more much sensible speed than a zed. They can be had for around 12/13k for a 2012. But those older ones will start going out of warranty early next year so I suspect the prices will fall a bit more then.
  3. Not been on for a while, all sold apart from the airbox. Car now sold, so I've got a few more bits I may put up depending upon what the guy taking the zed wants.
  4. No idea I'm afraid, can only compare it to OEM or Milltek and HFC, as that's all I've had fitted.
  5. Hey guys. Sorry been away for a long weekend with the missus, did sneak on with Tapatalk to reply but didn't get very far. Replying to PMs now.
  6. I'd rather collection, as work is really busy at the moment so it's a pain to get somewhere to post it. But if I don't get any interest by next weekend then sure. Speaking to Mj86 on PM at the mo, will let you know if it falls through. I assume you'd be after postage as it's quite a trek down here?
  7. First round of selling some bits in prep for sale of the Zed. To start with these are collection only from Portsmouth. Or if it's easier Hedge End weekdays. 2006 Air box with BMC panel filter, bought off Kaveney in March this year and never fitted. £60 Red Wasso plenum spacer, never fitted. SOLD KW V1 with some top mounts SOLD I bought these with the intention of refurbishing the springs. As you can see they could do with a wire brush and a repaint. No leaks on the dampers as far as I can tell. More photos available here: http://s723.photobuc...s?sort=3&page=1 Magnaflow exhaust SOLD Pretty good fitment, was bloody loud around town when I had Berk HFC fitted so I swapped it off for a Milltek. Bit grubby here but would polish up nicely Looks like this fitted:
  8. Oh, not looked at the numbers on them, but assumed there would be loads under 6 secs by now, it's 15 years since an EP3 Civic could do it in 6.5. Guess they've been getting a lot more bloated. They must all have a shed load of torque down low with their miniature blown engines tho, so might not be that quick off a line but imagine they would be pretty rapid in gear / out of a roundabout etc. I'm not sure my 350 could do it in 6 either tho, have to be quite patient with the gearbox... This is all chat on a forum where people mod their cars tho, I would imagine adding power is a whole lot easier (tho not that cheap) than fixing handling, the cars balance or removing weight without sacrificing something.
  9. Only a week and a half, it's been pretty entertaining so far. I find the lower power means you can "drive it like you stole it" more frequently without doing stupid speeds everywhere. I don't know if I'll get bored with time, but there seem to be plenty of reliable ways to bump the power a bit.
  10. I've just bought a GT86, it's a great little car. Seating position is so much better than the 350 (not driven a 370, but don't imagine it's much lower). It's brilliant round corners, stupidly low COG and decently low weight makes sure of that. It's true you can't just get the arse out round every bend, but why would you want to on a public road anyway? Odd bit of sideways action when conditions allow is fine. I also find the gearbox a load nicer than the zed one. Noise isn't great, it does just seem to get louder as you get through the revs. But that can probably be sorted at the same time as sorting the torque dip at 4k. It's slower than most current hot hatches, but then so is a stock 350. I'm not a traffic light GPer anyway, so don't remotely care. You could probably just swap the final drive to a shorter one to give you more torque to the ground, but then you wouldn't be able to get 40+mpg down the motorway.
  11. This can't be far from the truth: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/im-not-fking-driving-that-says-samantha-cameron-20160524109050
  12. Yeah, love a white car. Dealer near me has one so may check that out at the weekend if it's not pissing it down. Got a 'white' Integra DC2 tho, and I fear parking an actually white car near it may make it look too beige, like it does when it snows. I think my favourite colour is the blue BRZ, but no where near as many of them about. And most on the market appear to be 400 miles away from me. I may have to be patient, but I'm terrible at it, and tend to buy the first car I go to look at.
  13. Very nice, as it happens I'm going to have a look at a red one tomorrow, but still not quite decided on colour. The yellow ones they released last year look great, not had any depreciation time yet tho. Saw this one on my travels through the ads, got yourself a bargain.





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