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  1. Selling my D1 Spec Throttle Controller, it's been fitted but barely used... Would rather put the money towards a remap! Comes with everything a new one would, original boxes and instructions etc. £85 inc postage but can collect from Coventry for £75 cash!
  2. I do that every day, could be me!
  3. Sweet, look forward to seeing it finished!
  4. ahhh nice one, red being the final colour?
  5. Just came down Charter Ave and I'm sure I saw a multicoloured zed parked up, think it was 53 plate? It didn't really register with me until I'd gone by Got to be somebody on here or I'm going mad...
  6. At least there was no damage, just gives you a nasty feeling that some scum bag has been rummaging through your car! Exactly the same thing happened to me a few months back although they only made off with about £2.50! Left my dashcam though, I imagine they didn't see it as its hidden behind the rear view mirror (or in front of it, whichever way you prefer). I'm always concious of locking my doors, it makes me wonder how often somebody is going round at night trying their luck!
  7. 1. 370Ad - Stand Pass + Track Time - PAID 2. MrsNiki - Stand Pass only - PAID 3. Rickdon - Stand Pass - PAID 4. Stuggerz - Stand Pass only PAID 5. Valy - Stand Pass - PAID 6. glrnet -Stand Pass - PAID 7. Ogman - Stand Pass + Track Time (as it's my birthday) 8. Chippychip123- Stand Pass PAID 9. Ozzy225 - Stand Pass + Track time - PAID 10. Shezza - Stand Pass - PAID 11. Roobies8 - Stand Pass only PAID 12. AdamTSmith350 - Stand Pass only 13. Garygranite - Stand Pass 14. Chizzz - Stand Pass - PAID 15. Tea and Wax - Stand pass 16. SherlockH -Stand Pass & Track Time 17. Paul K - Stand Pass - PAID 18. Dean_m Stand Pass only 19. SYY - stand pass and track time PAID 20. Wendy - Stand Pass 21. WINKJ - Stand Pass 22. Lloydshaw - Stand Pass PAID 23. Condor109 - Stand Pass 24. harryjackson - Stand Pass & (maybe) Track Time - PAID 25. Beagle - Stand Pass & (maybe) track time 26. Has - Stand Pass 27. crute/higgins350z - stand - PAID 28. GreenLandy - stand + track - PAID 29. choptop - Stand Pass 30. Rich260- stand pass - PAID 31. Shire350z - stand pass 32. Justthejedi - stand pass 33. AmyZed - stand pass 34. Kraziekatz1 - stand pass & Track (whaa hoo.....get ready everyone ) 35. Jakeswheelbarrow - stand pass PAID 36. Flex - Stand (Maybe) 37. Bobby D - stand pass - PAID 38. ZeppoJeff - Stand Pass (work depending) 39. zzzeady -stand pass 40. davey83 - Stand Pass & Track Time PAID 41. Mikey Thompson - Stand Pass (maybe) 42. Aaronc350z - Stand Pass 43. Durk - Stand Pass PAID
  8. I've just done a quick search and don't find that to be true at all, cheapest I could find was £460 + postage... that was on O2 and wasn't even sealed Irrelevant now anyway as the phone is sold, mods please close
  9. bump... I'm going on Holiday on Monday so would like to have it sold before then
  10. I haven't played it enough yet to say it's 'bad' but its certainly not as good as the hype... although nothing ever is! The handling is all a bit weird, hopefully they will fix that as it's bugged and the customisation is only deep on certain cars... others don't have much customisation at all. The fact it's only online is a pain in the arse because you can't pause the game and it just keeps coming up with phonecalls of people trying to start races, filling the screen when you are in the middle of a race... it's all things that could be sorted in updates I guess
  11. Selling my brand new (still sealed) iPhone 6 64GB in Space Grey... Unfortunately it is locked to O2, or fortunately if you are on O2/Tesco/GiffGaff! I'm looking for £500 + PayPal fees covered by the buyer (I'll include tracked/recorded shipping at this price) If you're near Coventry then I'm happier if you want to come and pick it up for cash at £490
  12. welcome, good to see somebody else from Coventry





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