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  1. As its not worth a fat lot im just going to keep it till it turns to a pile of iron oxide dust then sweep it up into an urn and display it on the mantlepiece with a brass plaque saying RIP 3fiddy zee 2003 till xxxx.😜 On a serious note i have not really gave it any thoughts about the cars future,but it needs to make room for my next project A 1999 Hayabusa with 15k miles from new,parked up in 2004 when my old man bought a brand new Suzuki B King then suffered a stroke.
  2. Thankyou again sir,It has given me the "taste" to source another one to save.
  3. Thankyou sir,yes well happy with the results.
  4. THE LAST UPDATE Apart from the usual service items and maintanence the car is complete gave it a wipe over with a damp cloth and i have to admit the 350z is looking good for a twenty year old car Thanks for the comments and encouragement guys💖
  5. Twas stuck like shite to a blanket,had to sand it all off.
  6. Previous owner liked the fake carbon fibre look not my cup of tea.
  7. Dont look to bad,a bit of 3000 grit may have it looking half decent.
  8. Time for some "Smart repairs"me thinks Done the research and purchased a spray gun(about a tenner from China)
  9. UPDATE Got a few paint burns on the second pass with the mop☹️ Youtube makes it look so easy1
  10. Thankyou sir,if an inexperienced half wit like me can do it anyone can😆
  11. Thankyou sir,underneath apart from a crusty heat sheild that sits above a kidney is in great shape.
  12. A couple of before and after pics of the rear arches which date back to Sept last year.
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