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  1. Progress As i had to use a new front wing for the repair panel it was a right barsteward to get it to the right shape and keep the body line correct for the rear bumper to line up(fingers crossed) Offside is needing some attention for the low spots and then should be good to go. 2 new butchered front wings for the inner and outer repair panels(sorry ay i).
  2. PROGRESS Drivers side patch welded up and given some water resistant metal fibre filler Passenger side inner arch repaired and seam sealed. Same arch tack welded in place..
  3. Not as bad as i thought it would be after cutting out the rot. Inner arch repaired and seam sealed.
  4. Thankyou, but its the dreaded rear arches to deal with.
  5. Evening Mr Rodgeevans,just curious to know if yours is an earlier model than the 04 plate suggests(being an import)and how are the rear arches holding up ?
  6. Thanks for the encouragement ShortPaul even though it is all my own doing as i daily drove the car on and off for 10 years without really paying any attention to the underside of the car with regards to an occasional jetwashing the winter salt/mud off.
  7. progress Next on the agenda is the passengerside rear wheel arch(inner and outer).
  8. progress Before and after of the driver side and passenger side rear exhaust hangers. before and after of the fuel filler neck that hides behind a plastic mud trap
  9. More progress Another sideskirt tab that was paper thin.Had to completley fill the missing bits with weld then Aquasealed it all.
  10. Progress so far Nearly chucked the towel in after i scraped 1/2 inch of mud off and found this,passenger side rear sill/inner arch was shot as was the side skirt tab. As it was the only part of the car that needed welding(after 3 hours of wire brushing the rest of the underside )i used the "gash" to blast the inner sill with Aquaseal at 90psi before welding it up and welding a new tab on,not pretty i know but its completley rot free and seam sealed and shutzed.
  11. Hi,its been a while since i have been on the forum but would like to share an attempt i am making to resurrect my "Z" that i have owned since 2013 with about 95k on the clock and still starts on the button and runs perfectly fine,interior is still as good as it was when purchased and still has the original Bose audio(still functional)As i am an old fogey wifey wants it to go to the local scrapyard cos its yet another project that never gets completed.F**k right off Wifey ,your loft conversion can wait😝.
  12. Yes please, it will save me cutting up a front wing that i have kicking about.
  13. Had my Azure blue 2003 350z for over 7 years now,time to address the niggley bits on the car that have been put on the back burner for far to long,i have made a list to which most have been done: W brace needs replacing. DONE (tarmac sportz) W brace support brackets x2 DONE(oem) Y pipe flexi`s blown DONE Rotten heatshields for cats DONE Tailgate struts failing DONE HID`s failing DONE Drivers side seat bolster DONE Electric seat adjustment switch DONE Milky headlamp covers DONE Window motors x2 DONE Bose Bass speaker intermittent DONE Curb and salt corrosion on Rays Alloys x4 DONE Peeling paint on wiper arms DONE Refurbished leather on all interior DONE Next on the list was a couple of rust bubbles on the nearside rear arch("how hard can it be"?)i`ll get the Dremell out as it only surface rust,DOH!
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