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  1. I spoke to you when you came out of the gym. Sounded amazing, if you read this can you send me a link of the place you got it. Great car. I had the gun metal 350z that was parked up.
  2. Yea, we only said a few words. Just wanted to know because it's the sound that I want for mine as well.
  3. Saw you, just wanted to say the car looked amazing and sounded great, not sure if your on here. I was in the 350z gm. What exhaust did you have? You did say it but I couldn't hear you. It was around 5 ish. Wasn't paying too much attention to time..
  4. got beaten by a minute....
  5. Hi, I've 2 x RE050A 245/45/18 for sale, approx 6.5mm left on them so nearly new. Price? i need 2 for my back. got a puncture in one and other is bald...
  6. that was painful seeing the 350 hit the wall on the first corner...
  7. I just got exactly the same radio the other day from halfords as they had it for 199.. I am getting mine installed tomorrow
  8. Well for me it is okay. I don't know what everyone else is paying, but I am paying 1200. Which I thought was reasonable...???
  9. The way that i see it is, my car is 6/7 years old, 8,000 per year which is normal mileage. That would be 48 to 56 thousand. That's about what i would class as high
  10. i only have 27000 on the clock. That's why i thought it would be okay. I tend not to buy a car with many miles because it puts me off because it is a sports coupe, which means people have had a tiny bit of fun, having said that many cars will run forever now
  11. Just a little idea of mine
  12. hey there, i have only owned VW before, this is my first change, i am 20 and have a 350z 06gt. i have only had ownership of the car for one week, and all i can say is damn.. i have only driven a 1.4 and 1.6 sooo little step up. just thought i would say hello i am from Hatfield and my car is a beautiful gun metal colour Oh and i will need alot of help soon with a few things, so i hope you all can help Thanks James





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