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  1. This has now sold, good luck to the new owner and thanks to everyone who expressed an interest. May be back some day. Jon
  2. Thanks mate, car is potentially going this Friday/Saturday but I wish you luck with your search for a good 'un.
  3. Hi Greg, still for sale (I've not tried very hard!). Stu (from above) is very interested, and is selling his car as I couldn't work a part ex. deal. This isn't a done deal but I want to be fair to Stu by mentioning it. You're welcome to PM me. Cheers, Jon
  4. One more thing, SGS boot dampers are fitted so no chance of it coming down on your head Also genuine Nissan cargo net.
  5. A few pics, will get some better ones this weekend.
  6. Hi Stu, you can always try me, I will need a cheap smoker for the hack to work. PM me if you prefer. Cheers, Jon
  7. Thanks mate, this should of course be in cars for sale - entirely my mistake. Hopefully a mod can bung it over there for me. Pics and more details as soon as I get a few minutes.
  8. Just putting some feelers out there on my car. It's an '04 plate 350Z, UK (GT pack) so has Rays/Brembo's/Bose/Electric seats/Bluetooth etc. Gunmetal with Alezan interior. 12 months MOT, 6 months tax, 98k. HPI clear/never recorded - certificate to prove. Clutch/Flywheel changed just before my ownership @ 86k, so will not need doing for a long time. Since taking ownership I have spent my time & energy doing 'what should be done', these include: Fully ancillary belt swap (Gates belts) Spark plug change (NGK iridiums) Oil & filter change (Fuchs & genuine Nissan filter) Front discs & pads Compression/'Banana' arms changed Steering rack track rod/tie rods Drop links all round New Halfords battery I'm more of an 'OEM+' kind of guy so no big mods here, just: Genuine 06 Uprev airbox (with larger velocity stack) with Apexi filter, done maybe 1k miles Aero wipers RDX stubby aerial McGard locking wheel nuts Front Z burger badge Bridgestones all round, paint is very good indeed, aside from the usual stonechipped front bumper only noticeable when cleaning it. Pics to come later, more details as I think of them. All parts receipts etc provided. Car drives spot-on and everything works as advertised. £5695. Located in N.E. Lincs. Cheers, Jon
  9. Turbo 'feels' quicker with the surge but S/C appears to be the sensible choice for the Z...on some sort of realistic budget.
  10. Love the wheel colour choice, this is what I'd ideally like to see on a GM car.
  11. Oh yeah, a rubber mallet is great for whaling on stuff without doing any damage (compression arms etc). Tap & Die set, too.
  12. Great race only 'cos of Rossi! Though Lorenzo looks ominously difficult to beat...
  13. Mine will be going up for sale fairly soon! For me nearly 500 smackers on tax per year is too much, so I chose a pre-facelift.
  14. Looks nice but I wonder how that can flow evenly to the rearward cylinders at the same rate as the fronts?
  15. Another vote for Apec here - I've fitted them to lots of cars and they are superb quality.
  16. Offset or 'gooseneck' ring spanners.
  17. They are the same arms but are copies, not genuine Nissan. Some would say there is no great difference, others will say that you should stick to Nissan. Whichever the case make sure you get new cones as they old ones will be seized into the ball joints. IME the compression arm bushing is quite a nasty 'thunk' noise, unlike drop links and the like which are a higher-pitched rattle.
  18. Take care getting it off - damp cloth/old towel trick if your best bet - a friend once completely scratched the hell out of his M3 roof.
  19. Your PM box is full but if they're not already gone, I'll take these mate. Jon
  20. A 21mm spark plug socket is about the best you'll do, just remove the rubber insert. Cheers, Jon
  21. When I had the same problem, and I think many others too, it was the bonnet sensor as it retracts ever so slightly off the bonnet when the engine bay cools - so it's always an hour or two after a run. There is a small amount of adjustability in the bonnet sensor mounting or you can just unplug it as a troubleshooting measure. Cheers, Jon
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