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  1. I remember now zee lol sounds like you got a bad one then! Don't get me wrong I've spent a lot on mine already but i don't mind as I know il be keeping it (probably change my mind in a couple of months but that's what I'm like) Dip, there's a difference in drive between coupe and vert and the smg needs the csl software to be any good, drive a coupe with csl smg like mine and you'll see why should have a meet up sometime!
  2. How comes you didn't get on with it? IMO it's a superior car, the Z is still an awesome car in its own right. Loved mine to bits!
  3. Ive let police out at junctions before and nothing's been said, I know it's an offence but without sounding like an arse about it, I'm not fussed tbh, probably jinxed myself now but it's only driven once in a few weeks so il live with it. So you've moved to the Germans aswell, how you finding it? Jet set, looks are subjective but i beg to differ, the M is a nicer looking car overall. At some angles the rear of a Z looks a little strange, both fantastic looking cars though, look well above their price range imo
  4. Correct no front plate, did the same with the E36 and had a tiny one on the Z. I just hate a full size plate or a plate at all at the front lol ruins a car.
  5. It's a different driving experience, both are awesome cars. The Z was a lot more playful on the limit whereas the M3 will bite, however once all the upgrades are on chassis wise it should surpass the Z, I will see how the M3 reacts to trail braking once the 8 pots are on but that's one thing the Z was great at, not getting out of shape to much when trail braking. The M3 is quite a bit quicker and a lot more repsonsive but that's a given seeing the Z has one throttle body and the M3 six and also the sport button (even sharper response once pressed), the brakes on the Z have much better stopping power, feel wise to but the M3 I find has better initial bite, I'm sure those attributes will change when the M3's new brakes are on and I do the rears aswell in the not to distant future. Comfort wise i like both, the cabin on the Z nice and snug and the HSD's did ride nicely, but the KW V3 on the M3 are a different league in terms on quality and ride comfort, the M3 cabin obviously much more spacious aswell with much nicer fit and finish overall. Sound wise I love both I mean what car guy doesn't, the Z was more exhaust noise and sounded really exotic whereas the M3 is more intake noise and sounds like a real racer, I love the distinctive rasp of the M to, so if I had to pick what sounded better overall taking into account intake and exhaust I'd pick the M3 but the exhaust noise alone the Z wins just, only down to the setup I had on it. M3 exhaust isn't finished yet so that decision may change once on. Both are blinding cars and I'm thankful I've owned both, I would love to get back into a Z at some point but it would have to be a supercharged HR in that bright orange. If you've finished reading well done haha
  6. Evening all Still read quite regularly on here but haven't posted a great deal since selling the Z, thought I'd pop back in and see what's happening in the scene nowadays, haven't seen anyone off the forum for about a year I'd say, still have very fond memories of the blue beast and wish I could have kept her alongside the new motor but wasn't to be. Here's a reminder of my old Z for anyone interested, it's quite a long journal but may be of some use to people not so familiar with their Zs yet or just want a read http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/62527-arrans-azure-350-gt-exhaust-autobahn-video-finally-91014/page__hl__arran And here's what I've been up to since the Zs departure http://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/showthread.php?t=134755 So what's been happening in the world of JDM? Arran
  7. Arran

    Is it a Zonda?

    Pagani is the manufacturer and Zonda is a model lol
  8. Rays valves sold, airbox going Sunday Got a few GardX left, both Bluetooth cradles and the coolant Need it gone guys!
  9. Cheers Andy, glad it got there ok and in quick time Thank you I've got a few GardX left, airbox, Ray's valves, coolant and both Bluetooth cradles (cradles now 35 delivered each) still available





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