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  1. Great to see you to graham and you did get a trophy :-)
  2. Wow trophy for you next year then í ½í¸€
  3. Would just like to thank Martin and Liz for another great weekend at lake z all I can say is brilliant and thank you
  4. mark clio

    Lake z

    A big thank you to everyone who attended lake z this weekend especially Martin and Liz for a brilliant weekend good laugh nice cars and Saturday evening was superb
  5. The hair comes from Chinese badgers were they have vast numbers and the is a cull every year under licence
  6. I replaced the stone of sweat I lost with ice chilled Coors light Thanks for showing me how the whole supermarket thing works too Max and the use of your boot space You just need to learn to get everything you went shopping for lol
  7. hope you enjoyed your T Bone
  8. Hope to come to more events Ian but the z will have to wait Chris brings to much stuff so need the Clio to carry it all
  9. I could do with it I was made to eat salad when I got home lol
  10. thanks ken I really enjoyed meeting everyone
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