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  1. Cheers GM, i'm really sad to see it go and was seriously reconsidering selling it. But my backs not improved very much and every time i drove it i struggled to get out and was in agony afterwards. She's gone to a really nice guy, so will be loved
  2. I'm not sure, i think they are the same but on an up rev car i think they suggest changing the lower section as well
  3. Apologies, photobucket seems a little glitchy at the mo, might just be operator error though
  4. For sale as my Zed is sold, an unused Tarmac Sportz JDM diffuser finished in black. £100 posted £90 collected Cheers http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b520/Tony_r123/WP_20140420_009_zpse9a5fa88.jpg
  5. For sale as my Zed now has a new owner, an unused black anodised "Wasso" plenum spacer kit, complete and in original packaging. £120 posted £100 collected Cheers http://i1289.photobu...zps2ded4e1b.jpg
  6. Excellent that's definitely one fast Zed
  7. I got a Nilfisk from Argos, comes with the lance for foam plus two other jet ends and a good long hose. Works great with the snow foam and was @£99
  8. Congratulations and well done, great looking cars
  9. They look great,suit your car nicely
  10. Yes a very friendly place, just watch out for Zeditus highly contagious and no known cure





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