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  1. After 18 months with my U.K. GT car I only just realised the other day that with the radio on, the bottom button on the steering wheel control that switches radio station up or down, if you push and hold it it does a radio station search instead of flicking to the next pre-set channel!
  2. Or it could be the clutch release bearing. If so it will probably cause no issue at all and only go away when the clutch itself needs replacing and a new bearing is fitted as part of the clutch kit.
  3. I have a brand new HEL stainless steel braided brake line kit that I bought for my 2003 U.K. car with Brembo brakes, if there are any different kits. Never been fitted, still in the original box with all fittings and clips. £50 including postage to mainland U.K.
  4. The V.A.G. 1.8 turbo engines can quite easily be tweaked to give big power, and survive the subsequent abuse they get, so it could well have been a very fast car you were up against. But it'll never sound or look as good, or, being front wheel drive with big power, be as be as nice to drive as a 350Z! It's not all about straight line speed, in my opinion.
  5. I followed the guide on here a couple of months ago with, so far, great success. I was very nervous at first as I'm ok with engines and stuff but wasn't sure about stripping an electrical unit like this. But it was nowhere near as bad as I thought, and I'm glad I did it. Here's the guide on how to fix it; viewtopic.php?f=35&t=21318&start=0
  6. I put some Deep Purple on the dukebox in my local tonight, to remember a great musician, and a great band, R.I.P. Jon Lord.
  7. My other half has got an MR2 Roadster, and I'd have to agree. Cracking car, chassis is fantastic, and the steering and gearchange are a joy to use. Driving it always puts a smile on my face.
  8. I had one for just over a year / 10,000 miles or so and I loved every minute of it. It was superb to drive, great to look at, fast, and mine required very little work to keep going in the time I had it. The reason I sold it was the fuel consumption, I averaged around 12mpg most of the time, and a few tanks of fuel gave me 10mpg, and it didn't make a lot of difference how it was driven, but being stuck in stop-start town traffic was the worst. Engine rebuilds can be a lot less than £2,000 if you catch it before a rotor tip fails completely, and there are warning signs, but a lot of
  9. It's a large, fairly powerful engine with little venting for hot air. The more power an engine produces, the more heat it will produce, it's why supercars are generally covered in vents and ducts. I'm sure Nissan will have adressed the heat issue plenty enough for a standard car, at least, so I wouldn't worry about it. A couple of cars ago I had an E30 3-series BMW with a turbocharged BMW 535i engine, it melted the abs sensor wire on the inner wing! Not enough cooling / venting / shielding!
  10. It is 71.5mm outside diameter, 64mm inside diameter.
  11. Another success, started mine yesterday afternoon, put it back togerther and in today and the left door speaker now works again! Many thanks HampshireRob, I never would have got this done without your great write-up!
  12. A couple of cars ago I had an E30 3-series. I'd fitted and turbocharged an E34 535I engine, and I put a '316' badge on the boot, so you just never know what's under the bonnet!
  13. Hmmm, for £59 I might give that a go, seeing as I'm quite local to Brands. Did you actually learn much?
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