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  1. Well said marzman.. Below maybe not relevant to this discussion but if anyone buys a 370 they do depreciate rather quickly.. To sell private I may have gained a few more ££'s but for some reason people prefer to get screwed by garages if cars are £20000 +.. My experience of 370 below.. Honest opinion !! I sold my 370 and lost approx £8000 grand after a years ownership.. All cars will cost you money but will the merc depreciate as quickly as the 370... I wonder?? The 370 comfy em yes till you started driving on our roads, ouch ouch ouch springs to mind, suspension is too hard.. High rev gear changes em not the best and needs some refinement, and yes I have drove a good few sports cars and the 370 gear box is not up with the best.. Fancy self healing (gimmick) paint em hardest car to polish I ever had, now back to conventional paint, polish on polish off easy as.. So yep I did love my 370 but there are issues that needed resolving, I think the 2012 model has softer suspension but that for me does not go far enough.. Just my honest opinion... All cars have there issues I suppose..
  2. Maybe if members of the forum spoke to the team nicely before posting an ad instead of complaining about it after then you'd find that the forum was much easier to deal with. +1 - I could've vouched for you! Thanks Vik.. Loved my car.. License loser springs to mind.. Why drive slow when u can drive fast, scary fast.. What r u moving on to.. Something nice or something normal ??
  3. Maybe if members of the forum spoke to the team nicely before posting an ad instead of complaining about it after then you'd find that the forum was much easier to deal with. It was a repost from last year mate so all I did was reduce the price.. Not a big issue as Neilp had resolved.. But I just decided to sell my car as not many people have that loose cash to hand.. Not meant to be a dig, I loved my car and the forum.. All the best lads !!
  4. Doctor Austin I could have done you a great deal with mine unfortunately by the time it would have taken to sell on the forum I traded it in at Hartwell Nissan Grimsby.. 27th June 2012.. Checked their site tonight and its sold already. I know what they made on my car but hey ho such is life.. A forum member could have a great car lovingly looked after but I only had 64 posts not 100 as reqd. If anyone bought a black 2011 370Z GT I have had no issues with the car at all.. Good luck, if the forum had been easier to deal with u could have saved yourself a couple of ££££'s by buying from me and I would have been happier too !! I think I should have asked for more from them as I think they may have had a buyer waiting..
  5. Hi hope this is not too far but could anyone suggest an asking price for a Nissan 370Z GT (Connect Premium). 2011 plate with 4400 miles on the clock, excellent condition, no scuffs or kerbed alloys.. Was going to sell but the trade in price is not too good just now.. I have looked on autotrader, would £1500 below a garage price be about right?? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. BJW

    Infiniti Glasgow?

    I used Infiniti on for my 370Z first P1 service.. Top notch place.. There are a few forums on here about them !!
  7. Mine notchy between 1st and 2nd too. 4000 miles but not a major prob but going to get checked out too.. Let me know how u get on. Thanks
  8. I get slight crunch when changing from 1st to 2nd, more so when cold.. I will prob take to garage to get checked also..
  9. Its a gimmick.. Not worth sentence self healing paint
  10. BJW

    2011 370Z GT Insurance

    £1400 double ouch !!
  11. BJW

    2011 370Z GT Insurance

    Sainsburys insurance.. I am late 40s though !!





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