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  1. Hi Guys It’s been a long while since I have been on here, and for that I apologise most sincerely! With the new job came a new highly protected laptop and I could not get on to the site, and to be fair been mighty busy too. Still stuck in the UK, but hey ho. Anyway…. Hi T
  2. So sorry to hear this. My deapest condolences to his family. 59 is no age. Very unfair.
  3. Very good gents! All the very best to you all
  4. Back on topic bet this is a ****ing repost too but still http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/video/2012/dec/06/star-trek-into-darkness-benedict-cumberbatch-trailer-video
  5. I bloody knew it!!! As useual one rung down on life's ladder!!
  6. Hope this is not a repost http://www.carthrottle.com/video-jingle-bells-japanese-tuner-stylee/
  7. I hope this is not a repost, and frankly if it is my Search doesn't work, as my track record is against me I know! That said I was watching the space travel episode on iPlayer and noticed a rather aptly closing credits music.
  8. Does sound good that Benedict Cabbagepatch is the baddy eh?!
  9. Or because its not a post it note hhaha!! I'm am off out in very unassuming 135msport just now £30k and 320hp!!! If I owned one I would get it in white, keep it dirty, put a network rail sticker on it & badge it as a 116d
  10. I agree, I think the 1 coupe is the best looking car we do, the M1 just fills the rest if the gaps!
  11. Yes please do. I have a small cage in the mini showroom out of the way from the BMW mob!! Got biscuits to go with the tea an everything!!
  12. I hope your enjoyment continues, if not your bank balance!
  13. That thing is ancient it will be dissapointing to drive. One of those "never meet your hero's" moments!!!
  14. I have breaking my arse to drive one of these - and we have just got one in. If any member fancies a run out with me in it, get in touch, but I will be expecting a favourable review





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