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    standard RAYS

    I'm looking at selling my current wheels and going back to standard, anyone have any RAYS with decent tread on them who is looking to sell?
  2. not sure i understand the complaint? the numbers were not all the same anyway as last one was different??
  3. boot should be fine - cant reset the imoboliser from that distance surely!
  4. oooh I've got the dodgy Polish spoiler in my loft, never got around to fitting it so nice to see it on an Azure. What do you think about it? BTW - LOVING the new front end!
  5. Think I have to agree with everything you just said there!
  6. They used to do these things in Anne Summers et al, I once bought them for a previous gf but the washing up and hoovering cheqe was used way more than the others so kinda lost the point! And it seems like if I give her this I will keep having to do things for her, i feel i do enough already. Maybe if I give her a cheque book with things things she could do for me she would appreciate it just as much?
  7. do they have other colour options?
  8. Well something small is something small lol..... and inexpensive I reckon would be under £40 Lol small is small, and about £30 at most seen as I've already spent a fortune on her!
  9. Got the other half all the main presents for christmas but I set a minimum limit of presents this year and I'm still 2 short! Anyone got any ideas - literally anything - for small gifts (i.e. inexpensive) as she's got all the big ones sorted now!
  10. dont really want another console taking up room for the very occassional time she decides to play though so got to stick with either the Wii or 360. So nothing really worth buying on either of them? Might just give it a miss then
  11. Looking for a final christmas present for the other half, and she has expressed an interest in these singing games for xbox or wii after playing on one with the girlies one night. Only really played on one once and i think that was singstar but not sure as a while ago, has anyone else had any experience with them for the above formats that could recomend one to get?
  12. think these are my favourite wheels so far on the zed....although can't justify changing again just yet!
  13. Watched the documentary with him a few years ago
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