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  1. may as well give mine another plug: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=27843 http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/ ... ?logcode=p
  2. price dropped for quick sale. really need something more practical now as need more space. looking at bmw's probably a 5 series (2007). ideally wanted a new 3 series convertible but slightly out of my budget.
  3. Thanks for that. nothing has changed on the car from my first post apart from the mileage has crept up to 30k. in terms of price, am looking for £14k.
  4. really thinking about swapping the zed for something more sensible for a while. so here it is, still up for sale. has anyone given their zed in for part ex recently, just trying to see how much dealers are giving for part ex at the moment. Thanks.
  5. One went on here a few weeks ago for £65 as far as I remember! Hope that helps if that's what it went for then i guess i cant ask for any more.
  6. PMs replied to. as said in PMs would prefer a collection as not got time to pack and post. also does anyone know a reasonable price? have seen a new one costs around 400 from zmanalex, so any suggestions?
  7. are you guys after airbox that is replaced by something like a popcharger? if so then i think i've got one sat at home.
  8. tempted by the side skirts if you would consider splitting the kit mate.
  9. thanks both! are they credible and pay up?
  10. As title says, I am selling my Iphone 3G (16GB) as i have now upgraded. Have had the phone for 2 years so usual wear and tear, but always had a screen protector on. There is also crack on the back casing by the where the dock connector lead goes in. Phone works perfectly, just those cosmetic scuffs that i mentioned. Will come complete with box and leads etc looking for £165 + pp, will listen to offers. Thanks
  11. could be interested in the V1 spoiler, got any photos? no ideas at all on fit?
  12. No worries mate. thanks for looking into it and organising a GB anyway. glad some of you will get them. ps. does that mean there just isnt anything out there for the facelift models?
  13. I'm in too depending on price. mines an 07
  14. i'll be in on a set of these in carbon
  15. This is still available. havne't heard back from SeanyBeez. pm me if you want to discuss. thanks
  16. pm'd but essentially, the bonnet is in great condition, no scratches on it.
  17. not at all. it's in very good condition. where abouts are you? you are welcome to come have a look at it first if you want.
  18. all i need to know. never need to speak of this again!!
  19. am probably going to ask a very stupid question. I have a black zed, and from what i read this comes in black primer. is it essential therefore that i get this painted to match my zed? really want a new bonnet, cant decide between bulge or vented. if this doesnt need painting then i think my decision is made. again, sorry if this is a dumb question.
  20. wow! what an absolute bargain for someone!!! am sure this wont be hanging around for long.
  21. as the title says, got a oem non bulge bonnet in black for sale. it's coming off a 07 plate so pretty new. it's in very good condition. sorry havne't got many decent photos, but you can see pics from my other thread as well viewtopic.php?f=56&t=27843. am seling as want to get something new and just cant keep a spare, no space in garage. let me know if anyone is interested. looking for about £100. need to be collected really if possible.
  22. GLWTS! 1960s fastback will be amazing
  23. Looks great Mark! very subtle which I like. Group buy???
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