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  1. these doors look amazing. are they practical and do they add value to the car? again, amazing doors
  2. really sorry to hear about the job buddy. best of luck with the future. i would be really interested in a months time, only have 12.5k at the moment. but i know you cant wait that long. i'm as disappointed as you believe me. you have an amazing car there. hopefully you will be able to keep it. wish i could be the one to take it off your hands, but unfortunately unlikely for another month.
  3. agreed, the Z4M is a complete different story, so i still stick to my opinion on the normal Z4. reading the long post above makes me really want to drive a Z4M now. on the coupe front, i still cant figure it out. some days they look fantastic and some days i'm not sure
  4. dont get me wrong, i'm not knocking the z4 owners. i think it's a good car and was myself very close to getting one. i was merely commenting on my view that there are too many on the road at the moment.
  5. yeh i think its an excellent car, but not sure if it's still on the market. price may just be out of my reach as well.
  6. there was an argument between the z4 and 350z but i dont think there is anymore. 350z is definately the way to go. my opinion is based on me wanting to drive something that is more unique and rare. the z4 has become too affordable and no longer is it rare. in the last two months alone i've seen 4 of my friends buy them. whilst they do look good for the price, but that fact that they are too common and rubbish to drive means that the 350z wins hands down.
  7. that's pretty reassuring about the mechanical problems. just saw this on here as well: http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16905 this looks perfect for around xmas time for me. what do people think? cheers guys
  8. yes, i saw this, have no idea why this isnt selling. it's at a crazy price now though. didnt look too much into the actual car as i am looking for a newer version.
  9. Just been looking at autotrader and theres a couple of 07 ones on there for £17k now , so mines a complete rip off now in comparison lol (guess i'll be keeping it now).. The value has dropped by £2k in less than 2 weeks Glasses Guide still showing £18 - £21k, I wish... If anyone fancies my bonnet they can have it for £350 BUT they would have to collect or arrange their own courier due to the disaster that happened last time I posted a bonnet dont know if this helps or not, but may be interested around xmas time.
  10. cheers mate! thank you for your comments. will definately keep them in mind. have only really been looking off the nissan website as was thinking of getting of an approved one, but not really sure what that really means in terms of guarantees mechanically. not too hot on the mechanics myself and just want to guard myself getting one that has engine problems due to being thrashed around too much. mileage i guess is an indicator but at the end of the day still tells me very little
  11. i hear what your saying and believe me i'm tempted. this is the car that i want, but just it's still a big decision so have a couple of other back up plans. not sure how long will keep this either so it's got to be factored in. and it's interesting the point you made that maybe prices will go up again. but have the prices actually gone down at the moment? like how much should i expect to pay for a 06 reg onwards, black Gt pack, with max 15k on the clock? thanks
  12. hello good people. been creeping around here reading and trying to find out as much as poss. not in the cool gang as dont have a zed yet. but looking to buy at some point dependent on the completion of a couple of personal matters. looking to get black GT.
  13. ok guys, i think everyone will agree with me that the current climate economically and financiallly is insane. fuel prices, road taxes, government bail outs etc, i can go on and on. right, let me get to the point. was looking to hopefully buying a zed around xmas or new year time dependent on a couple of personal circumstances. anyway, was looking to pick up a 06 onwards black gt pack zed with around 15k max on the clock. but now, there are two things that concern me. having just heard about nissan stopping the production of 350z when bringing out the 370z, would this reduce the price of 350z even more (how much have zed prices come down since the credit crunch kicked in?)? so should longer until the 370z is out before buying?
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