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  1. yes i know i'm not going to get £20k but i just dont know how low i have to go..........
  2. Thanks matey. I've had absolutely no interest though!
  3. i was going to suggest Japex as well. I would wait until then as they will do a good job. they did my fireball. excellent job.
  4. yes, i do agree with what you are saying. just need to work out what i can let it go for realistically. dont have the standard parts but if it's not going to sell for what i need then i will just have to keep it i guess.
  5. in no rush to seel so thought put it up there. be interested to know what people think price should be!
  6. thanks yes am worried that it's not going to get much interest to be honest. will have to see how it goes i suppose.
  7. It's on PH now. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1277787.htm
  8. my mods are in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=27843
  9. pics added as promised, can someone blur the plates please?
  10. not sure what you mean mate. you sure it's Richmond? Think he means Richbrook that's what i was thinking
  11. not sure what you mean mate. you sure it's Richmond?
  12. +1 will get them up as soon as possible. pretty busy with work at the moment. definitely at the weekend though.
  13. thanks buddy. yeh, will be sad to let it go when it does happen. but sometimes just got to make these big decisions i guess.
  14. Will be hoping for around the 20k mark to be honest (am sure people will have their opinions on it). like i said in no rush to sell it, but if an offer came along then we will see.
  15. Can't believe I'm even thinking about this, but an opportunity has come up from work which will mean I won't get to use my Z much, so toying with the idea of selling it. Will be very sad to let it go if I have to, as I've only just got the final mods for it. In no hurry to sell up unless I get the money I want for it. So just gauging interest out there and put it on here as an ongoing thing. Have spent alot of time, effort and money on this baby, and will get photos up once i have some time it's had a wash. So here goes............ 2007 (UK 07 plate) Black 350Z couple (300ps) GT spec (Cruise control, seats have been upgraded, but wiring for heated seats still in, and upgraded ICE - see below) 34,000 miles Full Service History (Nissan and Japex - trusted trader here), HPI Clear Tax till -July 2012 Garaged EXTERIOR: Varis Carbon Fibre Front Lip/Splitter Carbon Fibre Door handle covers Carbon B Pillars (Nismo logo) Carbon Side Z Inserts Stubby Aerial Rare Amuse Rear Valance Likwid Art Rear Badge (Red) Yellow stuff brake pads Limited Edition 5zigen Miracle Fireball Exhaust BBS RGR 19'' wheels (recently refurbed) BBS Centre Caps JWT Popcharger INTERIOR: Recaro Speed seats (Black Leather outer, Red Alcantara inner) - just fitted brand new Bride Seat Rails 350Z Mats Factory Fitted Birdview Sat Nav Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD headunit Bluetooth and Ipod Adaptors Rear-view Camera Rear Parking Sensors 2 x Audiobahn AW1006t 10" subs (under rear strut) Alpine Amps MRD-M500 and MRD-M300 DreamCustomz Carbon Rear Strut Cover Nismo Black Aluminium Gearknob Red Shift Boot Richbrook Black Aluminium Handbrake Lever Red Handbrake Gaitor Nismo Seatbelt Pads Think that is all for now. As you can see a lot of time and effort has gone into this car and I would really love to see it go to a great home and good owner. £10,000 Any questions or queries get in touch. And will be putting photos up as soon as I can. Thanks MOD edit: heading price changed 4/1/2011 to reflect new advertised price.
  16. that was me mate! good to be cruising with another zed at that time of night!
  17. mod day on the 12th? how come i haven't seen anything of this? can i come, where do i sign up???
  18. this has become quite a popular mod now. looks great! nice job
  19. it was definitely more pilot area then tyres i reckon. just didnt expect it.
  20. ah that's annoying to hear that almost everyone else had good weather yesterday. it was a nightmare between london and reading along the M4. had a closer inspection to the wheel today and it's pretty bad, slightly bent in. took it to wicked wheels and they said that they wouldnt be able to pull it back out. will get photos later. this is very disheartening. havent had these lovely BBS wheels on for long. will take it to another place to see if they can do it. but my bad luck begins again..........
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